Dant’s Briefing on USNA 4/24/2020

Posted: 4/24/2020

From Goat One Jane Conley:

Hey ’82

I will send out a few emails over the coming weeks but wanted to get this to you promptly as I know USNA has been in your thoughts.

Dant’s Briefing;

Upon notification of COVID 19, USNA went into planning for return of all mids from study abroad programs.

Currently only single digits number of mids have COVID 19. Several Alumni are in front line positions against COVID 19.

A few of the older alumni have died from COVID 19.

At this time there are about 45 mids living in Bancroft Hall

  • Restrictees that elected to return to serve out their demerits
  • A few firsties returned to complete conduct adjudications
  • International exchange students who cannot return to their home countries due to travel restrictions.
  • A few who need morale from USNA. Jane’s notes – Dant did not go into specifics on this one but did mention that health and welfare checks are completed continually given the recent deaths at USAFA.

Mids still have their liberties given their rank but must follow Maryland rules as far as retrieving necessities beyond the gate. King Hall is still open. Rest of the mids are at home and the squad leaders are a key factor in the communications with every mid. Top desire of the mids is to get back to Bancraft away from their parents!!

Class of 2020 is resilient as they are involved in virtual dining outs, virtual marathons, virtual chaplain’s morale minutes, and “Dant’s Dailies” (think this is on instagram??). They are sad that they may not have a graduation like expected, but also know that in the future they will also miss many important family events while in service for their country. Dant said that Supe is preparing the battlefield for virtual graduation/commission on 22 May. Currently, it is unknown if the class of 2020 will be geographically near Annapolis or at home. Orders from BUPERS will start transmitting next week to those attending flight school class beginning end May and Basic in early June.

Supe and Dant are continually asked why USNA graduation is not being done like USAFA and West Point. They respond that each service has its own policies and the robustness of communities outside the gates are not equal.

Planning for events after graduation:

  • Resetting Rooms for camps (NAFS, STEM, etc) and plebe summer, Class of ‘24
    • Clearing items out of rooms
    • Sanitizing (COVID, rats, cockroaches)
  • Admissions Boards for Class of ’25. ACT/SAT testing not occurring at prescribed times?

SUPE and Chett Gladchuk are still working on decision for Ireland and rest of football season.

Jane’s shopping recommendations:

If you want a piece of the chapel dome copper. Order from Herff Jones at https://usnachapeldome.com/

Crazy times, Set up zooms with your best USNA friends and if you have ideas on how to welcome the class of 2020 from the class of 1982, I can set up a zoom.

As always, We all want to know what you and your families are doing with COVID and against COVID and Rett is standing by to take them rett@rasmussen.biz

You can email me at jtcnaples@yahoo.com

Keep those questions coming.  Jane