40th Reunion – Update #13 – Final Final Gouge!

Posted: 10/25/2022

Update #13 – 40th Reunion – Final Final Gouge

Final Final Update from Rich Clyborne:

Sorry folks more updates to put out.  Please read all the following entries.  Here goes:
IMPORTANT – The last reunion update contained information regarding gaining access to the Yard that was incorrect. The REAL ID requirement will not be enforced by USNA until May 2023. A valid driver’s license from any state or a valid passport is sufficient for access to the Yard. Our apologies for the misinformation.

2.    Hopper Hall Tours – It seems we overwhelmed the Cyber Defense Department.  We had over 240 people sign up for tours at registration but unfortunately, they will only be able to handle 120. This close to the reunion, we could not determine an equitable and efficient way to allocate the tours so here’s how the tours will be filled:
a.    We have four tour time slots on Thursday at 1200, 1245, 1600, and 1645.
b.    There will be a sign-up list for the tours at the Arrival Coffee at the Naval Academy Club (old O-Club) starting at 0800 and going to 1100. Tour sign-ups will be on a first come-first served basis.  Each tour has a maximum capacity of 30 people. As each time slot fills up that tour will be closed out.  The sign-up list will be brought to reunion check-in at the Historic Inns of Annapolis site (the Maryland Inn) around 1115 on Thursday, 27 October.
c.    Tours will start at the Hopper Hall entrance located between Rickover Hall and the Nimitz Library.

3.    Yard Tours
IMPORTANT – those who signed up for Yard tours will need to assemble at the Naval Academy Club (old O-Club) vice Halsey Field House at 1030.  The tour will run 1.5 hours and has been customized to highlight the changes to the Yard since we graduated.  Here’s the Tour Route:
•    Alumni Hall – opened 1988
•    Stribling Walk to Bancroft Hall – Memorial Hall/ Midshipmen Sample Room
•    Wesley Brown Field House Tour
•    Uriah P. Levy Center tour (no more reflection pool)
•    Renovated Lejeune Hall tour
•    Terwilliger Hall tour with the video shown to VIP’s
•    End at the Visitor’s Center
** No time during tour to fit in noon meal formation
** Tour ends approximately between 1200-1230
** Tours will be conducted by official USNA tour guides who are also USNA grads
NOTE: The Yard Tour end time overlaps with the start time for the first Hopper Hall tour.

4.    Arrival Coffee – runs from 0800 – 1100 at the Naval Academy Club.

5.    Tailgater – Here’s more guidance on admission to the Tailgater.
a.    Bags – there are restrictions on what can be brought into Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Please check the stadium policy for bags at Navy Clear Bag Policy – Naval Academy Athletics (navysports.com) before you head out for the game. This guidance also includes prohibited items. The word is that these measures were strictly enforced at last week’s game.
b.    Reminder: Please make sure you download your game tickets to your mobile device for scanning at the stadium gate.

6.    Golf Outing – we just found out this morning that we can have as many slots as we want for golf on Thursday afternoon!  Tee time is 1300.  To reserve a slot please contact Rick Stein directly at Rick.Stein@CBRealty.com or 843-557-7021.

7.    My contact information – if you have any questions or issues please reach out:
a.    rbclyborne@gmail.com
410-703-3138 (mobile)

Looking good ’82

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