6th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Anderson, Gustav Andrew – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Gus is in Italy on Sixth Fleet staff and did “neat” things in the Kosovo affair.

Cheney, William Essex

Cissel, Matthew B. – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Mat is an ED and last I (Mike Fierro) remember, he was headed to Pax River ( I might remember better, but not afer he taught me to make beer!).

Clifton, George Robert

Clopp, David H.

Comi, Chris–8/13/05 I’m working at the Becthel Plant Machinery Inc, in Schenectady NY Doing defense contracting work – Navy Nuke stuff

Wife – Sandy (23 Years)
Daughter – Amanda (21 Years), University of Chicago, Class of 2006.

5/13/02–Married Sandy from Baltimore in January 1983 just before Nuke School. Did 8 years in subs – east coast, boomers, fast attacks, nucon and closed out defueling the rodless wonder (MARF). Located our family in Scotia, New York. Great schools, high taxes. I worked for GE-MAO for 8 years buying stuff for submarine refuelings. While there, I got a Masters in Mechanical Engineering to compliment my USNA Oceanography degree. I left MAO in 1999 and went to a startup fuel cell (not the nuclear kind) company, Plug Power, running their labs and testing group. I finished my time there in January 2002 running the product system engineering team. I wore myself out and returned to Bechtel in defense contracting where I am loving the 9-80 schedule and the every other Friday off that provides. Very good for the golf game. Sandy got an education masters degree and has taught high school math for the last 11 years. She does a lot of aerobics and now golfs with me occasionally. She is happy to have completed her tour of duty as a chauffeur for Amanda. Amanda is finishing her high school career. It’s been easy for her – she’s smarter than I am and works harder than her mother. A deadly combination. She’ll be at University of Chicago this fall (with most of our money). Has done modern dance for 14 years and loves to snow ski with her old man.

Davidson, Philip – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Phil completed his command tour in USS TAYLOR (FFG 50).

Davis, Noel Marquez — 9/8/05–Noel’s retirement announcement.

Dobler, Alfred M.

Friedrichs, Paul David

Gatanis, Harry Stephen–5/18/07–I teach physics at Wheeler High School in Cobb County, GA.  I’ve been married for 23 years to Karen P. Gatanis.  We have two children.  Harry is 18 and will be a sophomore at Kennesaw State University in Cobb County, GA.  Lydia is 15 and will be a sophomore in high school.  Karen stays at home.

Judge, John William-Requiescat in Pace

Kearley, William

Kelly, John F. – – (Company e-mail representative) E-mail 10/18/00: We are now settled in Chesapeake Va. I am working on concept development at US Joint Forces Command Joint Experimentation here in Suffolk, Va. My wife Anne and I now have 3 children Patrick (6), Brendan (5) and Brigid (14 months) and we are all enjoying life in the Tidewater area.

Koye, Frank J.

/10/02–Family Update: My wife, Ina, and I were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Fiona, in December 2001. Our daughter, Laura, is two years older than her sister. Here’s a family photo.109K jpg

Larsen, Hans Lauritz

Larson, Eric Allen

Limbacher, Paul Donald — 8/15/07. I was honored to attend the August 3rd ceremony to frock RDML Phil Davidson (06). Retired from USCG in ’02, now civil service in DC.

Chief, CG-6 Resource Planning and Programming
Coast Guard Headquarters
Washington, DC
(202) 475-3629

Manzano, Edwin Borja

Sadler, Sandra Lee (Martin)–7/20/2012–Married Jon in 1984. Two grown sons – Wesley (21) is a Midshipman at the Naval Academy – Class of ’13. Steven (18) attends Community College of Baltimore County, where he plays lacrosse. Attending Navy’s crew regattas and CCBC’s lacrosse games keep us quite busy in the spring and fall. I earned a Masters of Business Administration, in Real Estate, from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, in 1989. After twenty years in commercial real estate, I am now working as a Program Analyst-Facilities Division of Agricultural Research Service, part of US Dept. of Agriculture, in Beltsville, MD. We live in Reisterstown MD.

McLean, Emmi Alexandria

Miller, Mark Allen

Petzrick, Ernest Paul-5/30/08-After a little over 25 years I retired and quickly got very bored.  I now work for a great company on Cape Cod, Hydroid LLC, makers of the REMUS Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).  Cape Cod is beautiful and I’m having a blast.  My wife, CDR Kelly Merrell, retired after 20 years as a Navy PAO and a year in Iraq.  Daughter Jessica is at Fresno State and son Josh just graduated from High School with no idea what he wants to do in life…something I haven’t figured as well.

Quercia, Michael

Steeves, Sean A.

Strait, Peter Alexander

Viniotis, John Joseph

Wassink, John R.

Zeise, Daniel F.