4th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Borowski, Charles Francis – – John Vargo e-mail 09/02/00: Chuck is doing great as a civilian in CA.

Brown, Thomas Robert–7/6/04–After making 3 deployments and doing a stint at FASWTRACENPAC, I decided to move out into the civilian sector. I took a job with Frito-Lay in New York at one of their manufacturing plants. After moving up through all the positions at the plant (line supervisor through plant manager), I decided it was time to step out into a corporate staff position. For the last 3 years I’ve been working with a group that develops new and hopefully innovated go to market strategies for Frito/Tropicana/Pepsi and Gatorade. This job has been quite interesting and very challenging.

On the family front, Lisa and I have 2 teenagers (Krisitn-17 and Kyle-15). They are great kids and into all of the normal teen activities. Since moving to NY, Lisa has been with Crowley foods where she too moved up through their HR function and is currently the VP of Human Resources and Organization Planning. Crowley was recently purchased by HP Hood out of Boston so we’re not sure what changes might be in the near future. Our goal for the last few years has been to try to get the kids through HS without relocating. Once their gone all bets are off.

Browning, William Frank

Buglewicz, James Francis–5/4/07–Retired 1 Jan 2005 after flying USAF T-38’s in Mississippi, Texas and New Mexico for 4 years, then F-16’s in Arizona, So. Carolina, UAE, Korea, Tampa and Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  Finished with a joint staff tour in Germany at HQ US European Command.  Just moved back to the US in Jan, 2007, and am back in the Flight Test business as a contractor at Eglin AFB where I had my last flying assignment before leaving for Germany in 2001.  Also got re-married in 2001 and had two children while in Germany, Joseph (4) and Sophia (2).  In addition to those two in diapers, I have two in college, Nicki (22) and Kayla (19).  Reeda, the little ones and I will be at the 25th reunion this year, arriving on Thursday and staying until Monday at the Hampton Inn.  We flew back for the 20th and had a blast……looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Bullock, John Alfred

Claypool, Robert Edward Burton4/22/02–Currently MAG-13 XO, AV-8 Harriers in Yuma, will take command of VMA-214. Blacksheep in November of 2002. I have three great kids now and the oldest graduates HS is off to Northern Arizona University this summer. I left the Pentagon July 2000; Bob McKenzie and Jim Lingar were other 4th Co guys doing their three years of hard time there. Bob is overseas now and Jim has remarried and is still at the P-gon. John Bullock of 4th Co retired after commanding the Sunseekers (Reserve C-9s) in Jax, Fl.. He is still in Jax flying with American, married my sister and has two kids. Ivan Debate of 4th is flying with Delta and is living in Atlanta, has a wife and two kids.

Clements, Donald John – – E-mail 02/22/00: Don lives outside of Dallas Tx and is flying for American Airlines.

Debate, Ivan Andrew–5/5/02–After graduation I went Marines and ended up flying KC-130’s out of El Toro, Ca. (VMGR-352) and Futenma, Okinawa (VMGR-152). I also served as an exchange pilot with VR-22 in Rota, Spain. I left the service in 1989 and got hired by Delta Air Lines, where I still work today. I am currently a First Officer on the 767-400 and live in Woodstock, Georgia just North of Atlanta. I am in touch regularly with Robert McKenzie and Carl T. (C.T.) Parker.

Dinkins, David Harold

Fitzgerald, Bernadette Mary

Flynn, William James, IV – – E-mail 09/11/00: Bill has left ONI and is now out at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.
– – E-mail 11/15/99: Bill lives in Burke, VA, with his wife Chris and their two children, John (11) and Kelly Anne (9). He works in the SWORD shop, at the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) in Suitland, MD.

Garman, James Cecil

Gill, Patrick Christopher

Heibel, Jeff Michael

Cheri Hutson4/17/02 update– I’d love to hear from old friends and possibly have/give some career opportunity contacts. I’ve been with FedEx for 18 years. The last 6 yrs were spend in Subic Bay, Philippines opening up the FedEx Asian Hub and training the flight followers and aircraft load planners. Before that, I worked in Flight Operations at the Newark, NJ FedEx Hub and I currently hold the Senior Manager, Outbound Ops position in the Memphis, TN hub.

Jentz, Henry William, II – – 7/1/04 – – I left P&G a year ago and moved south to Georgetown, SC. I am back in Cincinnati as a Global Sourcing Manager for International Paper. Janice and I have been married 19 years. We still have four kids (since the last update), two boys two girls, ages 6-10.

Jordan, Michael J., Jr. – – Red Jentz e-mail 09/08/00: Mike, just completed his PHD in Electrical Engineering this past summer.

Lingar, James Douglas

McKenzie, Robert Hugh – – E-mail 08/01/00: Bob just finished a 3-year tour in the Pentagon on the Navy’s Mine Warfare staff and is starting a 1-year unaccompanied tour in Okinawa. He is the Base Environmental Officer. Upon arrival he was stuck in his BOQ room for 3 days with almost nothing to eat due to Typhoon conditions. Bob’s family is staying stateside since all three children will be in High School this fall and Lori will keep working as a substitute teacher. Bob and Lori just bought a new house in Stafford, VA.

Olechowski, Mark Joseph–6/13/02–After graduating I entered the nuclear training pipeline ultimately landing onboard the USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629) in April 1984. By May of 1985, I had obtained a waiver to remain on active duty due to some vision problems I had fought for about a year. I transferred communities and became an Engineering Duty Officer. I had tours at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, MIT, Supervisor of Shipbuilding Newport News, SUBLANT Staff, NAVSEA and OPNAV N77. I am currently assigned as the Technical Director for the VIRGINIA Class Submarine Construction program.

I live in Annapolis with my wife of 18 years, Laraine, and our three daughters Claire (1991), Grace (1992) and Harte (1995). Since we do not plan on moving again, I have recently tendered my request to retire and should be transitioning this fall. Feel free to drop me a line. I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s reunion.

Pitkin, Pamela Katherine– email updated 7/22/2013

Riso, Brian John – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Brian is in the New River/Cherry Point area serving in Marine Aviation as a Life Cycle Manager for CH-46 helos.

Schneider, Henry John

Stammer, Mark

Sullivan, Jennifer

Thurman, Patrick Kevin – – May 2006 — I retired from the Navy Feb, 2002 after flying P-3’s, including a great gig flying the CNO my last few years.  I now teach NJROTC in Jacksonville, FL.  My wife of 24 years, Lisa, and I have three kids.  Caly is almost 21 and a senior at UNF, Jay is almost 19 and just finished up plebe year (Class of 2009), and Julie is 14 and entering high school.  NJROTC has kept me busy fielding drill teams, academic teams, rifle teams, and color guards.  It never gets boring.  Looking forward to the 25th reunion next year.  Look us up in Jax if you visit.  Thurmo

Underwood, Brian Scott–5/31/02–Ronda and I have been married for nearly 20 years and have two teenage boys. We live in Greeley, CO where I am the Regional Director of Physician Services for Banner Health System. I left active duty at the end of 1988 but stayed in the reserves. I am presently the Reserve Branch Chief for Computer Network Ops with US Space Cmd in Colorado Springs. We are actively involved with family and church activities but also enjoy cycling, tennis and many of the mountain activities that become the reason for living in Colorado.

Vargo, John T. – – 7/09/07: Retired after 20 great years in the Navy.  Started my career as a SWO on USS Robert E. Peary (FF-1073) as Commo and ASWO.  Went to flight school and did 2 tours in HSL-48 (former plankowner).  Finished career as CSO/CSIO on KITTY HAWK (CV-63) in Yokosuka, Japan.  Ashore, I did a tour as Deputy Director, Navy Foreign Liaison Office, and obtained a MS in Ops Analysis from NPS.

I currently reside in Jacksonville Florida with my wife of 23 years, 2 children, Zachary (19), a NROTC sophomore at The Citadel and Melissa (16) a junior in high school.  I am currently employed as a Senior Project Manager at Fidelity National Information Services and owner of ACCU-TAX and Financial Services Corporation.

Wechsler, Steven Michael — email updated 10/15/2014

Yonehiro, Marcus Baron – -Will Morales e-mail 09/28/00 and Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Marcus is in the pipeline to take command of USS O”BRIEN (DD-975) in Yokosuka, JA in February 2001, after virtually running the Surface Warfare Tomahawk program.

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