3rd Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Chico, Christian JamesRequiescat in Pace

Cosgrove, Thomas S., Jr.–5/5/2012–Cindy and I are closing in on celebrating our 29th anniversary. Our home is in Palm CIty, Florida although I am working in Florence, South Carolina for Progress Energy at the Robinson Nuclear Plant. We are very blessed that our four children are all healthy and doing well. Natalie is a Residfent at UVA Hospital. Chris is in his second year of medical school at UVA. Caroline is working towards her degree at IRSC. Jenny is about to graduate ninth grade and is balancing school and tennis very well.

Culbertson, David — 8/18/2012–During Active duty flew F/A-18s operationally. Graduated from U.S Naval Test Pilot School in 1991. Transferred to Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer Community in 1993. Retired from the Navy in 2002. Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach (2003-2005). On line Adjunct Professor for Embry-Riddle (2005-Present). Chief Test Pilot and Program Manager for Calspan Corporation flying Variable Stability Lear Jets and Experimental Saab 340 (2005-Present). Married in 1982- Four Children; Bryan (28), Geoffrey (25), Kevin (22) and Elizabeth (14). Separated.

Davis, Albert H.4/22/02–Recently retired, earned PhD in Physics from Tulane University in New Orleans, Currently doing research in magneto-electronics at the Naval Research Lab in DC. Two girls Michelle(9) and Carolyn(7), stepson Juan lives in New Orleans.

Davitt, James Alan, Jr. – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Smiling Al was somewhere in the Panama City area training Divers.

Delaney, Edward John – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Ed is in command of USS CARTER HALL (LSD 50) after working with me (Mike Fierro) and Bill Ault in BUPERS with a year at NDU in between to recover.

Dimas, Robert-May he rest in peace

Dudley, Bruce Wayne

Engelhardt, Stephen Burt — After getting out of the navy in 1988, I settled in Green Bay, WI, my final duty station. I have been married to my lovely bride Paula since Nov of 82. No kids but lots of godchildren, nieces and nephews around the world. We are currently in the Big Brother/Big Sister program w/a 13 year old boy (Nate). I am the Safety Director for a trucking company in Green Bay and still doing the reserve thing. Address is: 5951 Allen Road, Little Suamico, WI 54141. GO PACK!!!!!

Giddings, Gavin John–8/14/07–flew A-6s, left in 1991, flying for American Airlines in DC, Retired from the reserves as an 0-5 in 2002.  Living in Annapolis.

Hatten, John

Julius, Robert A.

Jurceka, John Anthony, Jr. – – E-mail 08/14/00: John lives in Folcroft, PA (just south of Philadelphia) with his wife Rina and daughter Nicole (born 07/20/92). He’s been working for Life Cycle Engineering, Inc., doing work for the Navy, since he got out in 1990

Knight, John R.

Loa, Donald

Logue, Thomas Alfred, Jr.–9/21/02–Left active duty in 1989, Reserve Officer, Reside in Columbia, MD, Married to Patti, one son, Thomas III, (born 1996)

Peyton, Philip Craig3/03/07 — I separated from active duty in July 1990, joined the Reserves and took a job with Delfin Systems in the DC area. Since then, Delfin got bought by Titan Corporation, and they got bought by L-3 Communications. Except for changing business cards, I’m still working on an engineering contract for the National Reconnaissance Office. I’m still active with the Reserves and currently serving in a billet with OSD/Reserve Affairs. Clair and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in June and our three children keep getting bigger: Sarah (17) heads off to college this fall, Daniel (16) still has 2 more years in HS, and Anna (12) is in middle school. Look us up if you’re in the N Va area: 7365 Leigh Rd, Warrenton, VA 20186 / (540) 341-1056 / Philip.Peyton@L-3com.com

Reinke, Richard Eric, III

Rowe, Gerard Augusta–1/12/2007–I retire 1 Feb 07 from the Air Force. My 2 kids are grown. I have HUGELY downsized my lifestyle and expenses, and will travel fulltime indefinitely with my wife (Sherry) in our RV. Our travels are journaled in my new website mytripjournal.com/rowe, and I invite all to correspond via this website.

Schmickley, Bruce

Smith, Randall Mark-May he rest in peace

Sparks, Terence W.

Sturgell, Robert Allan-9/12/07-Currently living south of downtown Deale with Lynn (20 years) and our son Ben (age 5). I have been with the Bush Administration since 2002 and am currently the Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Surko, Stephen W.–4/20/02–I was planning to retire this year – but following 9/11 I agreed to stay on (the Engineering Duty Officer community is under-manned). I reported for duty as Chief Staff Officer at NSWC Carderock (formerly the David Taylor Model Basin) in Feb02.

Tkac, Thomas A. — 2/7/2007 — Changed the spelling of my last name to TACK in 1988 after 28 years of spelling the old one to everybody I ever met….twice.  Still on active duty as a Captain and currently the Commander, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet at NAS Whidbey Island, WA where I oversee the EA-6B Prowler community.   Very happily married to my wife Melanie for the past 18 years.  We live in Coupeville, WA and have 5 sons; Spencer (14), Dylan (13), Harrison (9), Ethan (6) and Lucas (4).  My two children from my first marriage are all grown up.  Amanda (22) is a middle school science teacher in Howard County, Maryland and Alex (21) is a senior at Queens University, Charlotte, NC where he’s majoring in business and plays varsity lacrosse.

Wilson, Joseph M. — 4/26/2012 — After the Marine Corps I moved to Dallas to work for Texas Instruments DSEG. After the Berlin wall fell and we all got laid off I signed on with Intermedics to build pacemakers. Then to Mallinckrodt on the Texas Gulf coast to make a wide range of medical devices. I’m currently with Merit Medical Systems in Angleton Texas as the Director of Engineering. I am still married to Aileen who works for Edward Jones and we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this June on a tropical island. My daughter Kimberly has a PhD in molecular Biology and is in California with my two grandchildren. My son Cliff joined the Marine Corps, and after two tours in Iraq got out and is taking X rays for St Luke’s in Houston. He is married and his wife is due to deliver my 3rd grandchild in June. I live on 30 acres on Austin Bayou and Life is GOOD.

Yamasaki, Dean James