36th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Anongos, John Frederick

Atmore, Clifford Clark

Baptist, Dwayne Paul

Barnes, William Sydney, Jr.

Brown, Todd Hamilton

Camaisa, Alan J.

Carroll, James Christopher

Ehlers, Kurt Merrell

Enright, Michael Patrick

Freer, Dorothy Jane (Zink)–6/13/2009– Retired from active duty October 2008. I’m back in Connecticut working as a program manager at Sikorsky Aircraft. Still married to Bob Freer (’81) with two daughters, Kerri (1988) and Kelli (1993). Still running, choir, and Girl Scouts with the girls.

Fritsche, James Joseph

Fuson, William David – – 7/26/02–Finished a tour in June 2000 as the Exercise Planner for CARGRU FIVE in Yokosuka Japan and then moved to Nashville, TN to be the XO and now CO of Navy Recruiting District Nashville. Will be here until SEP 03 so if anyone is passing through Nashville please drop me a note and say HI.

Harris, Scot Michael-May he rest in peace– – 8/10/05–Hello Everyone,This is Scot’s widow, Martha.  I don’t know if I got to meet all of you but I know must remember Scot.  I just thought I would give you an update on his son, Tyler and thank those of you that participated in the “memory video” you mailed to me a couple of years ago.

First of all, I very, very, sincerely appreciated the video!  It was truely the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me and my son, Tyler.  I was very touched by it and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for it!!!

I am remarried now and have been for the past 12 years to a very supportive and loving man named, Greg.  Tyler has a younger brother named Kyle(10 years old) and we are all very happy.  Tyler is 19 years old and is the absolute exact image of Scot!!!  He has Scot’s laid back, easy going personality.  He also has his intelligence and sense of adventure.  Tyler was not interested in going to the Naval Academy but is attending Univ. of Florida on two academic scholarships.  He is studying Economics and International Studies.  Plans on going to grad school after he gets his undergrad degree.  This spring he is going to go to school in Paris!!!

Well thats all for now.  I hope you all are doing well and your families are in good health.  Take care and best wishes from Pensacola!!!    Martha and Family

Web Editor’s note: Scot’s widow, Martha Tringas, can be reached at mtringas@cox.net

Jackson, Ronald W.

Leonard, Craig K.

Mayer, Randal Lee–8/14/02– I retired from the Navy on 1 October 2000 . My last job was the Navy rep for the Marine Corps wargaming center in Quantico. My wife Laurie and I have settled in Fredericksburg, Va. I am an 8th grade world history teacher in the Spotsylvania County schools. (I think that still qualifies for hazardous duty pay sometimes). We have four children. My oldest son – 18 just joined the Air Force and is at basic training in San Antonio. We have twin 15 year old girls ( that will give you grey hair) and an 11 year old son. If you are going up or down I-95 feel free to give a ring.

McCarthy, Kevin Timothy

Merg, Ralph G2/05/12–I retired from the Navy as a Commander, in November 2004. My wife, Kay and I live in San Diego and have no children. We truly enjoy living in San Diego for the foreseeable future. Soon after I retired, I was the General Manager and Assistant Winemaker of a boutique winery in Escondido, CA for two years. Sadly, I had to leave the winery to get a real job (that paid enough to live on). I am currently a Program Manager in the International Programs group for General Atomics, Aeronautical Systems (makers of the Predator and Reaper UAV’s).

Olson, Kenneth

Petters, Clement Michael

Ray, Thomas Allyn

Richardson, James E., III

Ryan, Thomas R., IV

Scuteri, John Joseph

Sims, Mark Edmond

Skeehan, Kirsten Maureen

Slowikowski, Carolyn Ann (Cortez) 6/24/02–I am sending an update for myself (Carolyn C. Slowikowski, “Lyn”, formerly Carolyn Ann Cortez of 36th Company) and for my husband (Daniel F. Slowikowski, Jr., “Slow” or “Dan”, 26th Company). We just celebrated our 20th anniversary on June 5th and have three sons; James (17), Charles (14) and Daniel, III (9). Dan has retired from the Navy and flies T-39s for Raytheon training NFOs etc. I’m a Navy JAG and plan to retire 1 July 03.

Smith, William Earle, Jr.

Sprinkle, Christian Edward — 3/17/10-Currently a Senior Program Manager working at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ. He can be reached at:

Chris Sprinkle
Sr. Program Manager
Air Warfare Systems – Tomahawk
(o) 520.663.6090

Varner, Ted Curtis

Wright, William Archer-5/4/02–Currently I’m stationed in Bahrain as the Fleet Oceanographer for COMUSNAVCENT and COMFIFTHFLT. I’ll be heading back to the States in Aug to serve on the COMNAVMETOCCOM staff at Stennis Space Center, MS. My wife and four children are with me in Bahrain and we’ve had a very broadening experience living in the Arab community. However, we are looking forward to return to the USA in a few months.

Zink, Dorothy Jane–See Dorothy Jane (Zink) Freer