35th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

E-mail rep: Ted Campbell

Allen, Edward Todd

Aylward, Matthew M. – – E-mail 11/03/00: After graduation I went to Quantico for The Basic School (TBS) and the Infantry Officer Course (IOC), leaving there in March of 1983. My first duty station was at Camp Lejeune, NC with 2/8. After our first deployment I married Maureen on 7 July 1984. We went to Parris Island, SC in May 1986 for three years. While there, our first two children were born (Mary-Kate in July 86 and Aileen in March 88). We left PI in May of 89 and reported to Inspector-Instructor (I-I) duty with a Reserve infantry battalion headquartered in Chicago. Living in the city was a lot of fun and we made several good friends. The unit was activated for Desert Storm and I went along with them to SWA. Near the end of our tour, our third child was born (Bernadette in May 92). The Marine Corps sent me to NPS for a degree in Operations Research in June of 92. Stacy Van Houten was also in my OR section. I completed my degree in September of 94 and left active duty. Returning to the DC area, I started working for MITRE Corporation in November 94, at their office in Quantico. I stayed with them for three years, then went to work at a small woman-owned company in DC. I’m now working for another small company (MTS Technologies), located in Arlington. All of this work has been in the field of simulation in support of military training and analysis. We’re buying a house in Fairfax and are happy to here from other classmates.

Baptiste, Barry

Blume, Gary B.

Barr, Stephen T.

Brannen, Thomas E.

Campbell, Edward James – – (Company e-mail representative)

Dille, Harold Edward

Donovan, Joseph L., Jr.

Evans, Robert Blake

Fehr, Steven Paul

Galiyas, David Albert — 1/12/2007 — I am with Ford Motor Company, Rawsonville Plant, Ypsilanti, MI as a Production Manager. Grayce is a registered nurse working part time at the University of Michigan Cancer Center. Our daughter Jennifer is 20 and studies Political Science at the University of Michigan. David Jr. is 17 and is junior at Detroit Catholic Central. Currently, he is looking at USNA, Notre Dame, and Villanova for choice of schools. Alex is 10 and is in fifth grade. I belong to the Detroit Chapter of the USNA Alumni. Looking forward to the 25th Reunion at Annapolis.

Grosklags, Paul Alan

Hauke, Randall Lee

Hee, Derek Douglas

Hoffman, Peter Lowell–4/8/07-After graduation I went to intel school in colorado and got married in Oct 82 to Clelia.  From Jan 83 to Summer 85 I was assigned to VS-21 as the air intel officer for the S-3 squadron.  I deployed with CAW-11 on Enterprise May-Dec 1984 to the North Arabian Sea.  1985-Feb 87 I was assigned to Headquarters US Forces Korea in Seoul as and indications and warning intel officer.  Got out in Feb 87 and became a Special Agent with the FBI in 1988.  Worked in Pittsburgh investigating white collar crime matters until I was selected to the Special Operations Group as a surveillance pilot.

As my friends will know I always wanted to be a pilot and even though the Navy wouldn’t let me fly I have been a full time pilot for the FBI since 1990 and am closing in on 8000 hours.  After Pittsburgh I was assigned to the Honolulu division and got to fly all around Hawaii for 3 years.  While there I found my second passion which is scuba diving.  My son Alex was born in 1990 and is a great kid.  I got divorced in 1999 and Alex lives with me full time.  From 1999 to present I have been flying for the Miami Division and serving as the chief instructor pilot.  I am now one of the ten standardization instructor pilots in the Bureau.  I have been flying King Airs and Turbo Commanders from Florida to Gitmo in support of the detainee prison and it is a beautiful place to fly.  Classmates wishing to get in touch with me should email me at phoffma1@aol.com.

Jeffries, William Henry, III

Johnson, Mark David

Johnson, Wade Michael

Krebes, Joseph Robert

Lundquist, Randy Craig

Lusk, Mark Thomas

Mahoney, Michael Jon

May, Gregory Thomas

McCloskey, Matthew M.

McHale, John Joseph

McNellis, Michael Patrick

Ritter, Eugene–1/11/2007–Jane & I had our first child in May 2003; a wonderful daughter we named Niseema. It is a Hebrew name meaning “miracle”. While naming her after her grandfather, it is still an appropriate name for first time parents in their mid-forties (au natural- no test tubes or shots).

Salinas, Philip Leonard

Shoemaker, Troy Michael

Simons, Jon Myron

Taracevicz, Steven Fred

Wanstall, Christopher R.

Welty, Kurt Warren

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