34th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Armas, Juan Carlos

Borcik, Christopher David

Brewer, Timothy B.

Carbott, Christopher Albert – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Chris was in DC working programs at NAVSEA/PEO after a tour in the Joint Staff.

Cassidy, Colleen Elizabeth

Chlarson, Mark Thomas-May he rest in peace

Collins Galbreaith, Kristin –After flight school I flew helos. First in CH-46s with HC-5 at NAS Agana, Guam. (The aircraft has been retired, the base is closed, and the squadron has been renamed and is at JB Andersen at the north end of the island.) I then became an instructor at HC-8 in Milton,FL before getting out in 1989. I married Scott Galbreaith (UVA ROTC 1983) on 22AUG1987, He retired in 2013. We have two girls, 25 and 28. We are between homes right now so are traveling around, camping, visiting family, and house-sitting. I did the Ironman a lifetime ago in 1988 (I almost didn’t get to go because the CO had never heard of the race and thought the trip was a “boondoggle”)

Forbes, Richard F., Jr.–9/21/02–My new address is rjmdf@mindspring.com. A little info about the past twenty years. Married to Jean since June 12, 1982. We have 2 great kids actually young adults Melissa, a freshmen at Berry College in Rome Ga. and Daniel, a senior in high school just outside Marietta, Ga.

I spent eight years active duty then finished my time in the reserves flying P-3’s out of NAS Jax. I retired in 1998 under the early retirement program. What a deal!! My real job has been flying with Delta Air Lines out of Atlanta since 1990. I am currently flying internationally on the B-767ER. Hope to see everyone in Sept. 2002.

Gates, Peter Douglass–9/20/07–mail address: petergates@aol.com  We are still living in Vienna, Virginia near Wolf Trap (America’s National Park for the Performing Arts). My wonderful wife Susan and I have been married 24 years and we have three children, Lara (20), Logan (17) and Lily (9) – hard to believe!  They are fantastic kids, and they all like to sail!  Lara is at William & Mary – Biology.  Logan is a high school junior – special interest in running and languages.  Lily – special interests in animals, soccer, reading…  I am with the same company, Arion Systems, Inc. – coming up on 20 years.  I am still active in the reserves (O-6) and drill supporting SUBLANT.  Our unit provides Submarine Advisory Teams at sea for the Carrier Strike Groups and Expeditionary Strike Groups.  My last gig was on USS Abraham Lincoln.  I also consolidate and report on all Submarine Force Reserve Component activities for the fleet.  My last trips to USNA have been as tour guide for our Boy Scout troop, to see the Blue Angels fly, and to help with the midshipmen sail training program.  Small world story:  Andy Trotta – one of our plebes in 34 – also works at Arion Systems.

Gilpin, Lewis — 3/15/07– Julie and our three children (2 boys, Bailey 12yo and Mason 10yo, and one girl, Amy Blaine 6yo) live in Greenville, S. C.  I grew up in Columbia, S.C.  I am a private practice radiologist in a group of 40+ radiologists.  The children enjoy soccer, swimming, boating, snow skiing, and scouts.  Julie and I enjoy travelling, going to the coast, participating with our church couples group, and chasing the children.

After USNA, I worked as an 1800 officer (oceanography) and served on a coastal survey ship in the Caribbean for 1 year, at the Naval Oceanography Command Center, Rota, Spain, for 2 years, and on the USS Nassau (LHA-4) as the ship’s meteorologist for 2 years.  Good time, but wanted to go to med school.

I graduated from the School of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, S.C., in 1991, completed Diagnostic Radiology Residency at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, in 1995, and completed Body Imaging Fellowship at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in 1996.  My special areas of interest are MRI, CT, and Ultrasound.  I spend my days and some nights interpreting radiology studies and providing consultations to other physicians concerning the imaging findings on their patients.

Hine, Richard Jude

Hoppe, Michael William

Johnston, Yvonne Anne-Marie

McEnerney, Jeremiah Xavier–8/12/2012–Updated email address is jxmcenerney@gmail.com Retired as a Captain in the Supply Corps in 1987 and now work for Systems Integrator in the National Capital Area. Happily married to Robin, with three kids, Brendan 24, Clare 22 and Shea 18 who is heading to Virginia Tech this fall.

Misch, Jeanne Marie

Monger, Paul O’Neal–7/5/17–After retiring from the Navy in 2012 We landed briefly in northern VA as we tried to figure out what to do with our lives.  Later that year we moved to Annapolis where we spent 4.5 years as I worked for Check-6, providing consulting services to the oil and gas industry.  By 2017 it was time to move on and in Jan I began working for Facebook on their UAV program.  A few months later we moved to the San Francisco Bay area and we are still getting settled in our new environment.  Our daughters (28 and 26) live in DC and northern VA so it was tough to leave the east coast.  We are managing though, and look forward to seeing everyone at the 35th.

Morgan, Clarence Todd

Odom, Arthaneous Angelo

Oldham, Jeff

Palomo, Bacilio Flores

Papajohn, Gregory Carroll – – (Company e-mail representative) Although Greg was the e-mail representative for the 15th reunion, his current e-mail address is needed. He does not respond to e-mails at his old address. If you have Greg’ current e-mail address, please send it to John Fernandes via post@usna82.org.

Paquette, Kristina

Proctor, Kevin John

Rasmussen, John Andrew

Rodriguez, Miguel F. 10/12/16-Working for the Panama Canal Authority as the Chairman of the Board of Inspectors, charged with conducting marine accident investigations, as well as the inspections and certification of all our floating equipment, as well as licensing our maritime personnel. The Canal expansion was completed and inaugurated on June 26, 2016, and it is impressive.  We have already taken more than 250 Neopanamax vessels (the new maximum size) through the new locks. I still get to pilot vessels through the Canal now and then, mainly so I don´t forget which way is North…and have already taken several vessels through the new locks. I am still part of the Panama Delegation to the International Maritime Organization in London, representing the Canal, in a couple of the committees. My daughter Stephanie is the Regional Lawyer for Central and Latin America for SANOFI-AVENSIS, a European Medicine Manufacturing Company, doing very well, and my son Jonathan is a junior at Louisville University.

Russ, Steven Joseph

Schulte, Steven H.

Sears, Glen Richard, II – – 4/12/02–I just reported in at USNA as 5th Batt Off. Actually Gary Sandala and Pat Cole are also Batt O’s so we have half the Brigade covered. It’s great to be back here.

Segura, Clement Michael-6/23/02–Retired and loving it in San Diego!

Silvers, Ken

Wilkins, Anthony Scott Thomas