33rd Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Ammons, Mark Tracy

Barth, Michael Dale

Bernal, Ricarte A.

Brittain, Bryan Burnam–8/1/07–After leaving the Navy in 1989, I spent a year as an Assistant English Teacher in the public schools in Japan. After returning to the US I took a job with SAIC, initially working for Brad Ward (’81) and amazingly have been there since. My work is in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) primarily for DoD and DHS, doing system development, software development, quality control, and data production. I married April Stein in 2002 (we are now separated) and have three kids: Nancy (10), Rebecca (7), and Teddy (5).

Brookes, Peter Terrence R. – – 8/5/2012– Currently, I’m a senior fellow for national security affairs at the conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation, in Washington, DC. I’m also a columnist for the New York Post and Boston Herald and a member of the (congressional) US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Lastly, I’m in the dissertation writing phase of a doctorate at Georgetown and a regular commentator on national security on TV and radio, including FOX and CNN. I live in Northern Virginia with my wife, Khris, and our near-3 year old son, Jack.

Clover, Kevin Robert

Dahl, Eric M. – – E-mail 11/12/99: Eric lives in Frederick Maryland. Works for COMSAT selling fixed and mobile satellite communications services. He finished his Master of Science in Marketing – Johns Hopkins University. Terrie & Eric married 17 years with 2 boys – Eric Jr. & Ryan. Eric Jr. is a Junior in High school and on the Varsity Ice Hockey team. Ryan is in third grade and learning to play Ice Hockey – “like his brother”.

Dinardo, George Vincent

Fernandes, John Charles – – (Company e-mail representative) 11/15/99: John lives in Arnold, MD, with wife Terry and their five children, Christy, Andrea, Juliana, JC, and Victor. Work is an hour commute away, with SWORD (Submarine shop) at the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) in Suitland, MD.

Gren, Frank Michael–7/14/02–Great seeing everyone at the reunion. I will probably be in the Annapolis area for the next few years.Stay in touch (410)336-3040.

Harrison, Joyce L.

Heatherington, Mara Beth

Hebert, Bill Kendall James

Horton, Ronald – – E-mail 02/20/00: Ron is currently the CO of VFA-192, “The World Famous Golden Dragons”, an FA-18 squadron on board USS Kitty Hawk forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan. He’s been there since December ’98 (second tour in Japan). Ron and his wife of 10 years wife, Teruyo, have two great kids, Brandon (five years) and Rachel (two years).

Jordan, Timothy Joseph

Keenan, Kelly Patrick

Koziel, Mark Alan

Mascolo, Thomas Louis – – Ron Horton e-mail 02/20/00: Tommy is the XO of an EA-6B squadron (on board the Ike) out of Whidbey Island.

Maurer, Michael Barry

Morris, Michael — 8/16/05 I was one of the 21 or so guys who went into the Air Force at graduation.  I have just finished my Air Force career.  My official retirement date is 1 Oct 05.  Living in the Hampton, Virginia area.  Married 22 years and still loving the same lady.  I’ve got four daughters and my oldest is starting college at Randolph Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, VA in two weeks.  Life is good.

Nordvig, Larry

Ohl, Jeffrey Clyde-May he rest in peace

Otte, Douglas Elmore

Philon, Jay–5/12/04–Teaching English to undeserving high school students in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Postenrieder, Linda G. – – 1/121/2007–My partner & I own & operate a fine art gallery & custom framing studio in Petaluma, CA (just north of San Francisco in Wine Country). We just moved to heart of downtown Petaluma at 143 Petaluma Blvd North (www.pelicanart.com).

As an artist, one of my paintings (thanks to our classmate Donna Sengelaub) was used as the logo image for the “30 Years of Women at USNA Celebration & Conference” last fall. It was a thrill for me to know that my painting would be part of USNA history. The original painting was donated to the USNA Museum in Prebble Hall.

Rodriguez, Alma Bertha

Roskind, Michael T.–5/20/2014--Checking in after a few years with some updates: I work in the as the Deputy Director for the National Coordinating Center for Communications in Arlington, the communications component of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC). I’ve been working with Dave Simpson (Ret. RADM ’82 9th Company), who is Chief of the FCC Homeland Security and Public Safety Bureau and Bob Adrion (Ret. CAPT ’82 2nd Company), who is leadership at DHS in the newly formed Office of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Analysis. I’ve also been keeping in touch with Tm Jordan and Tom Scuccimara.

I run into Alma Rodriguez (now Alma Green), who is a teacher at Trinity Christian School in Fairfax. She looks great and has two girls who attend that school. I see Otto Spitz, who has a boy that’s very good at soccer, and Brian Brittain occasionally, who both live in and around the Fairfax area. The big news from my side, is that my oldest son received an appointment to USNA and starts July 1, in the class of 2018. He’s a standout baseball player and was really battling going to other academies, where he was being recruited for baseball, but made a nice decision, based on the quality of the school and post-commissioning opportunities, instead of sports. Trevor’s graduating with an FAA Glider Pilot and Airframe Mechanic rating from Aviation HS in Queens, where both Al Dobler (’82 6th Company) and I attended. Aviation HS now has three appointments to the class of 2018.

Scuccimarra, Thomas Francis Michael ( 4/21/02) I am a Senior Executive for American Skandia, a financial services product provider, divorced with no children. I left active duty 30 Jun 1990 and am set to retire from the USNR in June 2002. I became a stock broker for 3 1/2 years with PaineWebber Inc. Developed two television (cable, nothing serious) and two radio talk shows discussing financial matters. Left retail to become a financial services wholesaler for the Hartford in 1993, in Southern California. I took an offer for a Vice-presidency (great title, they can be deceiving you know), with Wood-Logan, now Manulife for the North and South Dakota’s, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Michigan. (Cryogenic territory). I spent three and one half winters there. I left to join American Skandia in 1995 as a wholesaler for that same area (glutten for punishment) and then transferred to Los Angeles. Promoted to divisional vice-president and then again to a pure management as the Dvisional Sales Manager for the territories spanning from Hawaii to Puerto Rico. This is a territory I call the Resort Division, among close friends and confidant’s, only. I am looking forward to the reunion. In fact I have been looking forward to it since the last one. I hope all are doing well and ask you to drop a line when you can.

Short, Michael Joseph – – E-mail /21/02–I’ve been bouncing back and forth between NJ and FL for the last 5 or 6 years. My family and I have been back in Orlando now for 2 years. I’m having fun in the theme park business as CFO of Universal Orlando. At least the kids think its cool… I’ve got three Michael (10), Mary Kate (9), and Corry (5). I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the 20th reunion.

Smith, Jeffrey Jay

Smythe, Andrew McElin – – 4/6/07–y last five years – Maria Bertacchi & I were married in October 2001, and we honeymooned in Scotland.  We had the country to ourselves, as there weren’t too many Americans flying overseas after 9/11.  We still live in Falls Church, Virginia, seven or so miles west of D.C.  Despite her lack of DoD background, my wife is a DoD contractor for SRA International.  I began working for Argon ST Inc [www.argonst.com] , which manufactures C4ISR gear for the military, in March 2006. I am a member of the logistics team for the company.

I am attending George Mason University on a part-time basis, slowly but surely getting an MA in History.  After I get my degree, who knows what I’ll do with it.In July 2005, Maria gave birth to a boy – Ian Schuyler Smythe. We brought him to the Navy-Tulsa game last year, where he spent most of the time sliding down ‘goat hill’ on a piece of cardboard.  Speaking of little goats, Maria is scheduled to deliver our second child about September 16th.  As much as I’d like to drink beer inside the stadium at our 25th reunion, I predict that weekend may be full of other activities. All for now – see y’all at our 30th in 2012.

Sonderman, Kurt Douglas – – E-mail 11/03/00: Kurt, despite any boat school protests to the contrary, continues to serve his country via those bus drivers in blue, the United States Air Force. He’s stationed at the Headquarters, Air Force Space Command, Peterson AFB in Colorado.

Werling, Eric David

Wild, Timothy Gerard

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