31st Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Anderson, William

Bourassa, Neil R. – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Neil finished up a geo-bachelor tour with the LPD17 program in New Orleans as the Deputy Program Manager for Information Technology and Combat Systems Design Manager. He is headed for INSURV in Little Creek as well as reuniting with his wife Jackie, daughter Ashley and son John in Chesapeake VA.

Brosh, David W.

Converse, Mark Elliott – – 12/3/2009–Commanded PMA-242 at NAVAIR ’03 to ’06, retired in ’06 – currently a consultant with WBB Consulting at Pax River.

5/4/02–A-6E Bombardier/Navigator – two operational tours from Oceana – 1989 and 1994 deployments Test Pilot School in 1990. Test tour on strike weapons at NAWCWPNS Point Mugu 1991-1993. Naval War College 1995-1996 Redesignated as AEDO ini 1995. Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River MD 1996 to present F/A-18 program office AIM-9X program office now E-2C program office married with 2.0 kids and 1.0 minivans.

Fazekas, William Richard – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Bill manages the Sports Bar in Crystal City, serving brew to countless classmates and grads.

Jacobsen, Michael – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Mike is in command of USS CARNEY (DDG 64) after a tour of teaching SWOs in Newport and enjoying all the sports a man can.

Jahrsdoefer, David A.

Jones, Shelley A.

Kojm, Leonard R., Jr. – – 8/21/05 Currently a CAPT working at the Defense Logistics Agency, Fort Belvoir VA.  Son, Max, is currently a Midshipman – Class of 2009!

Laingen, William B. – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Bill kicked off the new millenium by getting married to Mary Kay and immediately became the first grandfather of 31st Company. He works for Boeing and is in charge of the Safety, Human Factors, and Ship Suitability engineers for the F/A-18, T-45, AV-8B, and F-15 aircrafts.

Leftwich Scott F. – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Scott and Wendy along with their daughters reside in Tennessee.
– – Ken Perry e-mail 9/7/97: Ken just attended his retirement (first/only in ’82?) in the Old Executive Office Building. Scott finsihed a tour with Presidential Contingency Programs in the White House Military Office.

Mack, Daniel P. – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Dan assumed command of the USS HOUSTON (SSN 713) based in San Diego. Wife Jane and kids have relocated to San Diego.

Malapit, John E. – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: John is a Major in the Army and is stationed in Korea with his wife and kids.

Maloney, James P. – – E-mail 09/26/00: Jim resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife Dana and their three boys, Shane, Dylan, and Zachary. Jim is a Technical Account Manager at Microsoft.

Merck, Richard

Mewbourne, Dee L.

Norton, Michael J. – – E-mail 09/24/00: Richelle and I are doing well in Kansas City. Working for Sprint. Our oldest (Chris 16) is taller than me now and Rebecca,14, tops her mom too. Kyle is 11 and a handful.

Pasternak, Thomas Gerard – – 7/17/07–Tom is still in Chicago but now practices patent litigation at DLA Piper. He has three sons, Danny 13, Joey 10, and Tommy 7, who do all the things all the rest of your boys do. Carolyn is on all of the boards in River Forest where we have lived for the last ten years. Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion!

Patterson, Roger Carroll – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Roger, wife Tricia and their three children live in South Carolina.

Proulx, Daniel P. – – (Class Business Secretary) 11/13/99: Dan, his wife Eileen, and their two sons, Travis and Andrew, live in West Annapolis. Dan works in the DD-21 Program Office at NAVSEA.

Rainey, Joseph Patrick

Shaw, Paul Michael – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Paul has been married for over 11 years and has two daughters. He is a Junior Partner for an intellectual property licensing firm as well as Senior VP and CIO for Technology Transfer in San Diego.

Smellow, Daniel Buckman

Stranske, Timothy Wayne – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Tim is engaged to be married to Betty, sometime this summer. His latest project in assembly is for the Japanese nuclear power industry. His product will reduce the volume of low level radioactive waste and seal it in glass for long term storage. A proposal for the Italians is also in the works.

Towler, Thomas Leon, Jr. – -Update 9/07/16

Some days/months/years seem to drag by and others race. Here’s the condensed list of major changes for the Towler family since last update in 2012:

  • We bought and moved into our “retirement home,” a lovely place on 5 acres in Loudon, TN (small town near Knoxville).
  • I changed jobs in Mar 2015. I’m now Director of IT Infrastructure at American Axle & Manufacturing. But the move required me to be onsite most of the time in the Detroit metro area so I have an apartment there as well.
  • Kerry was promoted in Jan 2016 to Department Chair for Social Sciences at Tennessee Wesleyan University in Athen, TN.
  • We welcomed 2 sons-in-law to the family: Josh Wright, prior Marine now full-time nurse married Kathryn in May 2013, and Max Hosmer, opera tenor married Adara in Feb 2016.

In addition to increasingly busy work schedules for both Kerry and I, our current focuses are on a number of remodeling/upgrades to our “new” home and beginning the planning for a major family celebration next year for our 35th wedding anniversary.

Villarin, Nolan Dumanon – – 3/17/03–I am writing from Yokosuka, Japan where I work as the NAVSEA 62 on site rep and support COMSEVENTHFLT as a Commander in the Navy Reserves.

After waiting 19 years for the right woman to come along and appear, I became the last one in 31st Company to surrender my bachelorhood and tie the knot. Many of my company mates have teenaged children, with a few holding the title of grandparent, and I have just recently ventured into the state of marital bliss.

Sword ceremony (78k JPEG) Nolan & Bill (87k JPEG) Singapore wedding party(107k JPEG)
Attached are some photos from my wedding in June 2001. In the first photo, the ’82 swordsmen are from left to right: Paul Shaw, Ric Bernal, Art Salindong, Frank Valente (hidden). The second photo is with my best man and roommate, Bill Fazekas. The third photo was taken in Singapore, where we posed with Tony & Naoko Smith (along with daughter Aiko). Tony was my best man for the Chinese Wedding Dinner in Singapore.

I married the former Patricia Ang from Singapore, with a BA from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. We had several wedding ceremonies that took place in two different continents. The first wedding ceremony took place at Mission San Diego de Alcala, the oldest Catholic Church in California, a historical landmark, and a state museum.

Best man was my roommate for three out of four years, plus Plebe Summer: Bill Fazekas. Swordsmen at the wedding included the following classmates: Ric Bernal, Art Salindong, Paul Shaw, Frank Valente. Jane Mack, wife of Dan Mack, also attended. Dan was unable to attend due to operational commitments while CO of USS HOUSTON. Joe Bridge ’81 also was scheduled to attend but was serving on active duty overseas. George Shannon (USC ’84) rounded out the swordsmen.

The reception was held on the beach with a view of the Pacific Ocean, in the Windsor Cottage of Hotel del Coronado. The next day, Patricia and I boarded a plane and made our way back to Japan, where I stayed until Friday; Patricia flew on to Singapore to continue to make preps for the Chinese Wedding Dinner. I joined her Friday night after making the seven hour flight from Japan.

One week after our church wedding in San Diego, we held another ceremony in Singapore. In times past, in the eyes of the Chinese, a couple was not officially married until a Chinese Wedding Dinner was held. Our wedding dinner took place in Raffles Hotel, birthplace of the Singapore Sling. Best man at the dinner was another classmate, Tony Smith. Tony was accompanied by wife Naoko and daughter Aiko, who was stationed in Japan at the time. After another whirlwind weekend, we departed Singapore for Japan for some much needed rest and recovery. As we look forward to starting a family, many of our classmates look forward to sending off their children to college. I guess I’ll be working well past the retirement age to help finance the children’s education!

Send us a line if you visit Japan! Patricia and I have perfected the art of making sushi and we’ll be happy to have you over!

Nolan & Patricia Villarin

Walker, Wayne Orville – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Wayne and Pat live in Hernando, Florida.

Wardach, John Jay – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: John is married to Tammy and works for Georgia Pacific. He is also a Commander in the Navy Reserves.

Whitney, Gerald E. – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 09/21/00: Geno is a systems engineer and lives in Thurmont, Maryland with wife Amy and children.

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