30th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Britt, Randy–3/2/07–Randy is currently working at Boston Scientific CRM. He is married to Shari and they have three kids now ages 2-6.

Burris, Stephen Allen–4/27/02–Burr-Ass is working at Flight Test in China Lake, CA. Married to Katie with 2 kids.

Cheong, Robert K.–4/27/02–Cheong Ling is a pastor in KY and plans to attend the 20th Reunion.

Cohen, Theron Lee–4/27/02–Lee “Bullethead” Cohen is a headhunter in the jungles of California. He and his wife Lynn have 3 kids. He’s a thumbs up for the reunion.

Corley, Steven Brian–7/1/17–Left Navy 1990. Entered NAVAIRES retiring from VP-62 and NAVRESPATWINGSLANT in 2002. Got a JD from University of North Carolina School of Law in 1995.  Worked with NC Attorney General 1995-1997.  Business Manager for Broughton Hospital 1997-2003.  CEO of Foothills Mental Health (4 county Mental Health Authority) 2003-2006, Attorney in private practice 2006-2008, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Charlotte, NC 2008-present. Married Karen in 1995. 3 kids Seth, Executive with Michelin, Eric 767 Captain with Omni Air International and Melinda Stock Broker with Wells Fargo Advisors. 6 grandkids 15-2 .  Living in my hometown of Morganton, NC (the original MoTown).  Will make the 35th.

Dejarnette, David Kirk–4/27/02–Big Larry is a corporate guy at GE. He and his wife Julie have 3 kids. He plans to go to the reunion.

Dietz, Stephen Bernard, III–4/23/07 — Retired Oct ’02.  Since retiring has been working for the Department of State in DC as the Director for Resource Strategy & Liaison (i.e. Congressional Appropriations, “FMB like”) in the Resource Management Bureau.  He and wife Patty have two daughters, oldest graduating from VA Tech in May of ’07, younger a rising senior in high school.  Patty works as a Senior Environmental Engineer for Prince William County in VA.  Reside in Springfield, VA.

Epstein, Samual–4/27/02–Schmoo-Pig is out of the Navy.

Ferrer, John Allen–4/27/02–John “Ferr-Pig” Ferrer is the CO of USS Minneapolis St Paul and his wife Bridget is his CO.

Firanzi, James Alan-May he rest in peace

Fisher, Mark W.–9/21/02–Fishman I have 3 kids (Taylor -12, Paige -10, Scott -8). I live in Northern California. I’m taking the year off.

Friel, Patrick Joseph, III–4/27/02–Friel Beast is an engineer at Raytheon. He and his wife Karen have one child and he plans to go to the reunion.

Hammond, James Wesley–4/27/02–Col Hampig’s Pig is an active duty Marine. He and his wife Alison have 2 kids and he plans to attend the reunion.

Hughes, Jeffrey McBurney–4/27/02–Jeff is currently CO of USS Wyoming and is married to his wife Amy.

Klansek, William Bryan–2/13/2017–

Murphy, Kevin M.–4/27/02–Murph is splittin’ atoms at a nuke plant in VT.

Oydna, Bernt L.–4/27/02–Ludmar is retired!

Parks, Steven Alexander — 1/16/2007 — Retired nuke/engineering duty officer.  President of ORA Inc./S.A. Parks & Associates, p.c. an engineering and test group specializing in professional engineering design and solutions to ballistic and blast weapons effects challenges.  Married to Anne.  Three children – Laura, Mary, and Carol.  Reside in Fredericksburg, VA.

Paul, Christopher John–4/27/02–Chris is McCain’s military liaison. Going to the reunion.

Radcliffe, Roy Matthew–4/27/02–Roy Rattlesnake is still in somewhere and is  reunion bound this Sept.

Ratte, Charles Louis–4/27/02–Wife Margie, 3 kids. Department manager for DOD conctracor.

Reimer, Ronald F.–4/27/02–Ron Reemer is a project guy with Eli Lilly. Wife Susie, 3 kids, plans to go to the reunion.

Scassero, Matthew T.–8/14/02–Matt Steamero (the “Steam King”)–I am MiniBoss (Asst Air Officer) in USS CARL VINSON. I take over as Boss next summer. Though homeported in Bremerton, Cathy and the kids (Phillip, 7 and Meghan, 3) are homesteading for two more years in Oak Harbor, WA (Whidbey Island) near her family while I do the boat thing. I won’t be able to make the reunion; it’s that haze grey underway thing…

Schulert, Peter A.–4/27/02–Shoobert is running an environmental testing company and plans to go to the reunion. He is married to Susan and they have 2 kids.

Stoffa, Richard-4/27/02–Scappa is a civilian at Navsea.

Terrell, Wayne Aurealous–4/27/02–Waterrel is a civilian working for the DOD in Europe and plans to attend the reunion.

Thompson, Evin Howard–4/27/02–ET is an active duty SEAL in San Diego and plans to attend the reunion.

Vena, John Peter–8/12/05 I’m living in Plymouth, MI and working for Northwest Airlines. I am married (Naoko) and have four children: Kate (9), Valentine (7), Mia (2), and Michael (9 days old). I recently wrote a novel about the Negro Leagues, and am trying to get it published – it doesn’t have much of a chance but at least I finished it. I’m happy.

Voigt, Geoffrey Bourbon–4/27/02–Jeff is a Financial Advisor at Smith Barney. He lives and works in Annapolis.

Warker, Peter M.–4/27/02–Peter is an active duty Marine in the WestPac and will be unable to attend the reunion.

Wralstad, Mark E.–4/27/02–Wral-Dong is an Active Duty Post Squadron CO. Wife Lee Ann. Going to the reunion.

Yorio, Paul Ralph–4/27/02–Little Bobby is an active duty Marine in Peru and is planning to go to the reunion.

Zimmermann, Robert Herbert–4/27/02–Zim is an instructor pilot for United and plans to go the the reunion.

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