29th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

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Abrashoff, Donald Michael – – 6/03/02–Left the Navy in 2001 and am the CEO and Founder of Grassroots Leadership, Inc. Currently live in Bay Harbor, Fl…just north of Miami Beach.

Baker, Raymond Boyd

Baugh, Kevin Allen

Bishop, Leroy Chester

Burnes, David Michael

Bustle, Kathryn Lynne

Bustos, Marsell Cerdan

Chamberlain, George A., Jr.

Ekovich, Eric Anthony

Hardison, John Fields

Holland, Timothy

Hood, Brian Ronald

Hornick, John Fred

Hunter, Peter Aaron

Johnson, Kenneth David

Johnson, Mary Holland

Kules, Edward Lawrence — 2/26/2007 –USNA’82 (29th Co, BS, Naval Arch).  20 yrs Navy (A-6 pilot).  Married in 1985 to Robin.  Grad School at GWU (MS, Info.Mgt).  Retired in 2002.  Now working for Lockheed-Martin in Hampton VA as Systems Engineer on defense projects.  Home in Virginia Beach VA.  Email: ekules@cox.net.  Cell Phone: 757-650-6844.

Lang, William Steven–8/9/07–Retired from the USMC in 2004 currently working as an engineer at NAVSEA Crane Indiana.  Live in Montgomery IN with wife Cindy and three kids.

Myers, Jan Peter

Owen, Paul David

Papaioanou, George

Ratter, Joel Frederick

Sietz, Charles S.

Sinnett, Dennis James

Winbush, Nelson W. C., II— 03/14/2012.. After flight school and a tour in the Philippines with VC-5 as a helicopter pilot I was assigned to HSL-40 in Jacksonville Fl. I left active duty in 1989 and began working for IBM where I currently lead Mid Market Software Sales for the Eastern US. After leaving active duty I affiliated with the reserves and will retire as a Captain after 30 yrs of total service. In 1989 I also married Rosemary whom I met in Jacksonville where we still reside. We and have 3 children. http://wymanwinbush.blogspot.com/