27th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Ayres, Keith Douglas – – E-mail 11/15/00: Stayed in the Navy for a little over 10 years. I flew S-3’s in VS-31, as an instructor at VS-41 and then a tour in the Philippines flying the US-3. I got out in 93, promptly got married to Kimberly and settled in San Diego. I now work for FedEx as a pilot on the MD-11 flying mostly in Asia and the Far East. Kimberly and I have a 2 year old boy, Ian and another on the way in January 2001. I’m still active in the Naval Reserve. Right now I’m assigned to ComThirdFlt aboard the USS Coronado.

Bell, John Adam Ward

Byrd, James Keith

Criswell, Mark Lucke

Deitz, Terrence J.

Fitzgerald, David Mark

Gamble, Peter Anthony

Graham, Buck

Guenther, Michael Alan

Hagan, Clifford Lawrence

Harvey, Kenneth Joseph-May he rest in peace

Hazzard, Donna

Johnson, Steven Eric

Johnston, Michael John

Kurtz, Virginia Randolph

LaRouchelle, Dennis M.

Leisch, Jody K.

Lowery, Francis J. M. — 8/15/05 I am stationed at Submarine Base, New London CT.

Mahon, Jeffrey L.

McKenny, Larry Bruce

Mokan, Lawrence L.

Righter, Barbara┬áNester–9/21/02–>Barbara Nester Righter Jim (5th Co.) and I were married in ’83 and spent 9 glorious years in Hawaii, 3 in Omaha, NE, and 7 in Norfolk, VA. We have an 11 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. I retired in June 2001 while Jim was finishing up his Command tour on USS NORFOLK and am now a “never-at-home” mom. We just moved to Corpus Christi, TX and are adjusting to a significantly slower pace. I’ll be in MD for the week preceeding the reunion after which I will be driving back to TX. My parents still live in Severna Park : ) Looking forward to sharing sea stories with the gang from 27!!!!

Pedley, William Douglas-May he rest in peace

Pursel, Frank Patterson – – (Company e-mail representative) E-mail 11/24/02: I now work in Albany, Georgia for Merck & Co., Inc. as a project engineer. I’m married with one very energetic daughter. Most of my free time is devoted to being a dad, but I occasionally enjoy a game on the internet or reading a new book.

Ringel, Don

Ruiz, Adalberto, III

Souser, Gerard Allen, Jr. — 8/13/05 I am currently residing in Alexandria, VA and have been married since 1984. Anne and I have three children – two boys and a girl. I am a Program Manager for Electronic Data System working on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet. In the little spare time that I have I enjoy being a husband, Dad, Cubmaster, and soccer coach (since I’ve actually played one soccer match in my life). Of course, I am still a Steelers fan.

Stahl, Michael James

Vanden Berghe, R. John — 8/12/05 I retired from the Marine Corps on 1 June 2002 and immediately slid into the Federal Government with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a Security Specialist. The office is in Rockville, MD but we live in Northern Virginia, so I’m enjoying plenty of quality time on the beltway. I’ve been traveling all around the country inspecting the physical security at nuclear power plants. I married Sonja in ’92 and we have two great kids, Alex and Amy. Between Boy Scouts, gymnastics, Little League, fencing, piano and trumpet lessons, we’re keeping our time filled.

Van Houten, John S.

Varnum, Kent C. McVay

Vaughn, Charles Brian