26th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Allis, Thomas Dean

Armknecht, Richard F., III

Baudhuin, David J.

Bell, Jett Dallas

Brown, Richard Scott

Coatney, James Ryan6/5/02–I am married (Gladys) and have one daughter and two stepsons. I left active service in June of ‘87 and affiliated with the Naval Reserve in ’88. I am currently a Commander drilling in a Military Sealift Command Unit (MSCO Korea 111) out of Fort Worth Texas and additionally working for Readiness Command South as a facilitator for the Naval Reserve Officer Leadership Class. Just returned from a great AT in Thailand for MSC FAR EAST. I’ve moved around a bit following the almighty dollar working everywhere from Binghamton, New York to Reynosa, Mexico working in the Printed Circuit Assembly Manufacturing field. I currently work as a Design for Manufacturability Engineer in Telecommunications for Alcatel USA in Plano, Texas. My home Email is jimcoatney@sbcglobal.net. I’d love to hear from some of my old shipmates My phone is 972-712-0989. I plan to make it for the 20th Reunion and look forward to seeing everyone again.

Cook, Gerald M.–7/19/02–I am married, my wife’s name is Colleen. We have two boys, Joey (19) and Alex (17). I got out of the Navy in 1993 and moved to Niceville, FL working at Eglin AFB. I work for BAE Systems as the Lead Systems Administrator for the Joint Expeditionary Forces Experiment, working out of Hurlburt Field.

Dahlquist, Steven H. – – 8/13/05 Update Aug 05 – Married to Deb for now 23 years!  We have three kids, Jacob a senior at Northern Illinois, Conor a sophomore at U of Illinois, and Shannon about to enter seventh grade.  Left the Navy in early 88 to chase the “golden ring” in business.  Still chasing!  After ten years in Chicago, just moved to Grand Rapids Michigan…very nice.  I work for American Seating Company as VP Sales & Marketing.  We make seats for buses, trains, auditoriums, and my favorite, stadiums/ballparks.  Currently doing projects with the White Sox, Cards, Dodgers, and Red Sox.  Email me! Steve

D’Avenia, Lawrence

Davis, William F.

Deloach, Richard Z.–3/22/08–I am currently the VP Engineering for Nordyne in St. Louis.  My son Richard is finishing his last semester at University of Massachusetts, oldest daughter Katherine lives in the Menomonee Falls, WI area and my youngest daughter, Jennifer, is finishing her plebe year at USNA.  My wife, Dawn, and I will be empty nesters when we complete our move to St. Louis later this year.  I can be reached at rzdeloach@comcast.net.

DeLong, Richard A.– – I married Gina shortly after getting to my first Submarine after training.  We left the Navy in 1987 to go to Texas where I went to work for Houston Lighting and Power in the Commercial Nuclear Power Industry.  We moved to Wilmington, NC in 1992 where I worked at Carolina Power & Light’s Brunswick Nuclear Plant until December 2004 when we changed scenery again to Huntsville, AL.  I now once again work for the Federal Government as the Site Engineering Manager at TVA’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant.  We have two beautiful daughters Ashton, 15 and Andrea, 11 and we’re settling into life in Northern AL.

Dittmer, David Bruce – – 1/16/2007 — Captain Dittmer was born and raised in central New Jersey.  He graduated with honors from North Plainfield High School and entered the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1978.  He completed his Bachelors Degree

in History in 1982, graduating with distinction, and was selected by Admiral Rickover for entry into the Naval Nuclear Power Program.

Captain Dittmer completed the nuclear training pipeline and reported aboard USS TINOSA (SSN-606) for his initial submarine tour. His following submarine tours included Strategic Weapons Officer on USS ALASKA (SSBN-739) (BLUE), Executive Officer on USS OKLAHOMA CITY (SSN-723), and Commanding Officer of USS NEBRASKA (SSBN-723) (BLUE).  He completed four strategic patrols in command and earned two Battle Efficiency “E” Awards while maintaining a perfect record for strategic mission accomplishment.  He reported aboard USS BLUE RIDGE in June 2002 for his post-command assignment supervising the communications and information systems and procedures for the U. S. Seventh Fleet.  Captain Dittmer’s four years in this position were marked by major steps forward in interoperability with regional allies and advancements in fleet command and control capability.

Captain Dittmer’s shore tours included duty as a nuclear power instructor at the Navy’s prototype facility in Ballston Spa, NY and on the staff of U. S. Strategic Command in Omaha, Nebraska, where he earned his Masters Degree in History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Following his executive officer tour, he was selected to establish a new leadership course for executive officers of all Navy communities in Newport, Rhode Island, and earned designation as a Master Training Specialist.

In August 2006 Captain Dittmer assumed his present position as Commander, U. S. Naval Activities, United Kingdom .

His wife, Lauri, and two children, Kathryn (17) and Michael (12), are accompanying him in London.

Captain Dittmer is authorized to wear the Legion of Merit, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Meritorious Service Medal, and the Navy Commendation Medal, as well as other personal and campaign awards.  He is particularly proud of his unit awards:  the Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation, the Meritorious Unit Commendation, and four awards of the Navy Battle Efficiency “E” Award.

Gallo, John, III–1/22/2007Jay and his wife, Mimi, have two boys, Nicholas and Patrick, who will be 8 and 6 at the 25th reunion. They live in Brookline, Massachusetts, and he works for Fair Isaac Corporation in Boston. He retired from the Naval Reserves in 1999.

Jackson, Mark Charles–Update Sept 2016–I am currently living in Seattle, WA. My wife Jana and I are looking forward to our 30th wedding anniversary in November of next year. After Graduation, I spent ten years in the Navy as a pilot. My first tour was with the VF-102 diamondbacks – F14s aboard USS America. Shore tour was at NAS Miramar as an instructor at TopGun. My daughter Jamie was born in San Diego and is now in Knoxville, TN with her husband after completing her Master’s in Classics at University of Kansas. I left the Navy in 1992 to attend graduate school at MIT where I received a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. During graduate school I also flew with an Air National Guard unit – A-10s out of Westfield, MA. I spent the next 20 years working for Draper Laboratory at their Houston Office where I worked on the Space Shuttle, Space Station and Orion programs. My son Brett was born in Houston and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M. Recently I was offered a position at Blue Origin – Jeff Bezos’ rocket/space company here in Seattle and I accepted the offer. Both exciting and difficult to make such a big move after 20 years in Texas. Jana has stayed behind in Texas for about two years. She will move out after Brett graduates from A&M. So for now we travel back and forth a lot. So send me an email at markcjack@gmail.com if you find yourself in Seattle. Its a beautiful place to live or visit!

Kowalski, Danny E.

McClain, Joseph Scott--8/14/02–Still in the Navy. Currently working in J5 at US European Command in Stuttgart Germany. Prior to coming to Europe, had command of VS-35 (Blue Wolves) out in San Diego flying S-3B Vikings off the LINCOLN. Miss it a lot now that I’m flying a desk. Married (Wife’s name is Deanna) with three kids (Joshua (12), Jeremy (7), and Allison (3)) who love living and working in Europe.

McGraw, Thomas Edwin — 10/21/06  I have been married to Peggy, who I met first class year, for almost 22 years, live in Richmond, VA, and have three children.  Megan is a freshman at St. Andrews University in Scotland studying history, economics, and international relations.  Emily is a HS Junior and Timmy is a 7th grader.  Being somewhat close to Annapolis, we’ve done some USNA activities.  Emily went to Navy’s waterpolo camp this past summer but had a bad experience (including the I-day screaming, McDonough Hall’s over-chlorinated pools, and massive flooding–Annapolis got hit with several days of downpours) and has completely ruled out Navy as a college possibility.  We’ve been to a few football games and Timmy and I saw Navy win the National lacrosse semi-finals and, unfortunately, lose in the finals in Baltimore two years ago.  Timmy has some interest in going to Navy but I just don’t know yet.

I got out of submarines after 5 1/2 years and retired from the reserves last year.  I switched civilian careers a few times–primarily with consulting, Virginia state government, economics, and healthcare.  I now head up a financial services subsidiary for MAXIMUS, a Reston Virginia based company, which does healthcare and other financial consulting for state and local governments.  I travel alot (mostly to state capitols) but spend a fair amount of time around Washington, DC, so if anyone’s in the area, give me a call, 804-357-7739.

Parrott, Donald L., Jr. (3/4/07)  I’m currently living in Houston, TX and work for NASA on the International Space Station Program. I work in Payload Software Integration, integrating science payloads and experiments that are flown aboard the ISS.  I’ve been married since 1984, no kids and have been living in Texas since I got out of the Air Force, where I flew F-16s.  We live only about a mile and a half from Mark Jackson (26) who also works here at the Johnson Space Center for Draper on Space Shuttle and Station projects. (Company e-mail representative)

Richardson, John M. – – Ken Perry e-mail 9/7/97: John finished his tour as President Clinton’s Naval Aide this summer, and went on to the National War College, before his submarine CO tour. John, Dana and their three kids live near Vienna.

Sanders, John David

Schulz, Christopher Jon – -8/12/05

1983 – Married my hometown girl Anita Burrus June 1983
Son Kehr was born while in Advanced Flight Training April 1984 in Corpus Christi, TX.
1984 – 1990 First Tour – VP East Coast, VP-49 and all points East, then FRS Instructor VP-30
Daughter Hannah born 1988
1990 – 1993 Keflevik Iceland, 2.5 years (Current Ops)
1993 – 1995 Second Tour – VP West Coast (Safety, Ops, and Maintenance), VP-40 in Moffett Field and Whidbey Island and all points West
1996 – A year at Patrol Wing 10 as Ops Officer, Whidbey Island
1997 – Naval War College
1998 – XO VT-28 Corpus Christi
1999 – 2000 CO VT-28 Corpus Christi
2001 – 2004 CNATRA Safety, Navy Region South Public Safety

I retired June 1st, 2004. I became certified in 8-12 Math and Science and currently teach at Tuloso-Midway High School in Corpus Christi. My lovely bride of 22 years, Anita, is a Elementary Fine Arts teacher. My son, Kehr, is a Junior at Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio on a baseball scholarship and #1 in the starting rotation. My daughter Hannah is a Senior in High School, #2 in her class, and a varsity volleyball and track athlete since her Freshman year. We live on an acreage out in the country with four great dogs, and a pool to keep cool in the S. Texas sun. Life is very good!

Segura, Christopher

Slowikowski, Daniel F.–6/24/02–We (Carolyn Ann Cortez of 36th Company and I) just celebrated our 20th anniversary on June 5th and have three sons; James (17), Charles (14) and Daniel, III (9). I have retired from the Navy and flies T-39s for Raytheon training NFOs etc. Carolyn is a Navy JAG and plan to retire 1 July 03.

Snyder, Mark David

Ungaro, Ronald

Whalley, Christopher J.4/7/07

After precommissioning duty and seeing USS Klakring through her first deployment, I rotated to Fleet & Mine Warfare Training Center as Surface Warfare Dept Head from ’86 to ’88.  I left active duty in ’88 to pursue law school (Western New England College School of Law, Springfield, MA). After getting the J.D. in ’91 and passing Maine Bar, we settled in Ellsworth, Maine (just outside Bar Harbor for you tourists) and never looked back.

I joined a 2-man firm then went solo in ’94.  You can see how badly I’ve aged at www.whalleylaw.com.  Remember: not the age of airframe, but hours on engine that’ll kill ya (and I’m screwed either way!).  I stuck with reserves and will no doubt retire this summer as an old geezer CDR off an FFG flight deck when Buckpsort, ME hosts a ship visit (refuse to retire out of a reserve center classroom!).  My reserve tours included: USS Valdez (Newport, RI); SupShip Bath, ME; NMCB 27, Brunswick, ME and the glorious VTU at NRC Bangor, ME. I think I can take a hint: no stars in my future!lol.

Yes, Deb is still with me (why, I have no clue!).  We have 4 wonderful kids: Maureen (20, and a soph at Univ. Of VT); Michael (14); Patrick (10); and Brian (8).  I know, I know: again, what were we thinking!?

Ellsworth is a wonderful, small town where everyone knows everyone. Reminds me of Brewster, NY, where I grew up.  We enjoy the simple life: live in town; 20′ O’Day sailboat; the bowrider; the 14′ Cape Dory for fun on lakes; trips to Moosehead Lake region and generally eating lots of bartered lobster from the neverending stream of OUI clients.  We aren’t millionaires, but are rich beyond all means.  While I do miss the bridge wing and exotic ports of call, etc., it is nice to walk through that door every night and get assaulted by the boys and dog.

I am also adjunct faculty at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, ME, with a full-time position offer expected within the next year or so.  At that point, Deb will continue to work in my solo firm, as will I on a part-time basis, and we will bring in some young fool to run up the hill to court. All in all, a nice way to transition to the home stretch of life. Academia will give us time to travel and see the (anticipated) grandkids some day.

The welcome mat is always out here.  Hey, Joey McC: where are you?  I miss my   roomie! Look forward to seeing you all in September.

Wykoff, Henry Clayton