25th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Boring, Keith E.–6/25/02–I married Pam in 1983. We have 3 kids, 17, 15, 13. Hell, I don’t want to think of one being old enough to go to USNA, but my oldest does get some info from them. I did the sub thing on OHIO as a JO. I taught ensigns in Orlando at Nuclear Power School, and I was the navigator on the USS ANNAPOLIS for new construction. I spent a little time on Pittsburgh, relieving Pat Gill in the middle of a med run for a brief time during Desert Shield, but he got to have all the fun when he returned for Desert Storm.

I got out after Annapolis, and worked as a DOE contractorfor Westinghouse at Hanford. Trust me, any crazy stories you have heard are most likely true. I left there, and went to work in the civilian nuke power industry, got a license from the NRC, and was a control room supervisor for a while. I still work for Exelon, in nuclear oversight.

Bourassa, Frederick

Byers, Frederick Thomas

Campbell, Jeffrey W.4/22/02–I pulled chocks and left the Navy back in 1994. Since then, I’ve been working as a Systems Engineer in the Telecommunications/Data Networking industry. I’ve been with Cisco Systems for the last few years, managing new internet products. In my spare time, I write sci-fi novels, and am working on getting published–it’s a lengthy process. I’ve been married 12+ years to Anne, a USAFA ’83 grad who’s a LtCol Ph.D. and a professor at the Air Force Academy. We and our two boys live in the Colorado Springs area.

Cogan, William H. – – Nolan Villarin e-mail 06/30/04: Currently live in Hamburg Germany and am Liaison Officer to the German Armed Forces Staff College. Am here with wife Julie and three kids. Will be here until summer 2005. Swing by for a beverage and a “wurst” if your in the area.

Crothers, Dale A. – – E-mail 10/27/00: Married 14 years to Wanda, with two beautiful children, Kate (9) and Brian (7). Still in the Navy, having served on two fast attack subs (GURNARD and PORTSMOUTH), one boomer (ALASKA), and a tender (DIXON). Currently living in Burke, VA and serving in Strategic Systems Programs, in Northwest D.C. He can be reached at via e-mail at crothers82@msn.com or sp2021@sphq.ssp.navy.mil

Dachowski, Edward A., Jr.

Dawson, William Riggs-May he rest in peace

Franklin, Rick

Greene, RichardRest in Peace

Hayes, Vidal E.

Ives, Robert Walter

Jung, Steven Ray

Kunkel, Kurt LanceRest In Peace

Kyllo, Barry Robert

Lindsey, Bruce Hicks

Meier, William J.

O’Friel, Brendan

Overby, Michael Duane

Patch, Philipp Michael – – 5/25/02–Long trip to 20. Spent my career as a tanker. Got to be a CMS guy when they fired all the vault-weenies after the Walker case, got to be a training aid for pilots at the Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron in Yuma, got to be one of the cogs in the combat development wheels at Quantico, got to shoot at moving targets in the “Great Patriotic Oil War”, got to throw a bunch of dopers out of the Marine Corps, and made a general nuisance out of myself for the duration of my 18 years of commissioned service. Went to be a contractor after retirement, decided that being the lackey of indecisive government guys was somewhat of a job dissatisfyer “If you ain’t the lead dog, the view never changes”. Last year (2001) I jumped over to the government (DoD) civilian side (“no work, and pay”… David Addison) and now I live in Northern VA, work at Quantico, and do pretty much the “Iron Major” stuff that I did on active duty without having to get my hair cut so frequently. Kids, dog, wife, SUV – boy am I whipped or what. Still located on the web at patchtank@msn.com.

Powell, Jennie Ellen

Reeves, Joyce Anne

Roundtree, Robert L. – -Retired Dec 2002. Currently working at NAS Oceana, Civil Service, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, Deputy Director for Air Operations.

Samoluk, Warren Joseph — 1/12/2007– Currently working for Lockheed Martin as a helicopter flight simulator instructor at NAS Whiting Field in Milton, Fl.

Stuart, Mark– – E-mail 10/29/00: I am relatively well and living in Rome, Ga., where I work for Temle-Inland. Still got 2 girls and the wife AJ. All are well, although the oldest daughter is about to be a teenager. UGGH. Don’t know how I will do with that. She told me at one point that she wanted to go to Annapolis – I said that was fine as long as she never dated anyone from there. Would be interested in hearing from anyone/everyone. My e-mail address is marcusastu@aol.com.

Tracy, Glenn Matthew

Valinske, Peter Thomas, Jr.

Webb, John Charles