23rd Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Bennett, Donald Clark

Brown, Gary Dean

Doughty, Thomas James

Gilbert, Gregory Scott

Hartzell, Paula Joan

Howard, Michelle Janine – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/15/00: Michelle is CO of USS RUSHMORE (LSD 47) in SDGO.

Jones, Brian David–6/25/2012–Following graduation I went to Nuke School, D1G prototype then Sub School. I served on USS SALT LAKE CITY (SSN 716), USS DOLPHIN (AGSS 555), and USS GEORGIA (SSBN 729), then on the staffs of COMSUBGRU Nine, COMSUBRON Seventeen and COMSUBPAC, where I retired as a LCDR in 2002. After I retired a started my government civilian career as an instructor at PHNSY, then transferred to NAVSEA PMS 392 (Submarine Program Office) where I’m now the Branch Manager for NNSY Submarine Depot Availabilities. Along the way I earned a Certificate in Secondary Education, an MBA and a Certificate in Public Management. My wife Kayla and I have four children, Stephanie, Jason, Kelly and Sean.

Kane, John Joseph, III

Lee, Daniel Martin – – Flight school leading to carrier A-7E pilot off USS Enterprise with VA-94. Got married in 84 to Peggy, had both kids (Monika and Bryant) during cruises. PG school at Monterey, Masters in Aeronautical Engineering (what was I thinking, as a Resource Management major at the Academy). Became an AEDO in 91, OIC of NAPRA Det Cubi Point, just in time for Mt. Pinatubo, moved det to Guam. Next tour was at China Lake as the Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) Project Officer, got picked up for Test Pilot School at Pax, then back to China Lake as the Deputy JSOW Project Director/JSOW Test pilot. Then back to Pax as a Deputy Program Manager for PMA-265 (F/A-18 PMA), then served as Chief Test Pilot then Commanding Officer of Air Test and Evaluation Squadron THIRTY ONE. Final tour in Navy before retiring this summer was the national director for the Weapons and Energetics Department of NAVAIR.  Still happily married to Peggy, two kids in college, and loving my second career (DoD consultant with Wave Technologies, out of Denver, CO.  New e-mail addresses:  dlee@wvtec.com and danielmlee@msn.com.

Lynch, Daniel G.

Maconi, Donald Lawson

Malcolm, Michael Wayne

Malkasian, Todd Lee

Mank, Shawn Daniel

Miller, Clayton William–2/2/07–Did 20 years flying jets and training pilots for Navy (VS-33, VT-24, CNATRA, VT-21, TW-2), three and a half deployments (Kitty Hawk, Nimitz, Saratoga & Abraham Lincoln), got a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering with Dan Lee and Tom Watson, finished up at NAVAIRSYSCOM in Pax River, where I started as a Stash Ensign. Met and married Beverly (Boyd) while in San Dog flying S-3A’s – her dad had been skipper of an S-2F squadron.  Blessed with  five sons, Timothy (17+), Benjamin (16), Seth (14+), Nathaniel (13) and Stephen (10+).    Retired from Navy and tried to get into teaching high school science via the “TRANSITION to TEACHING” federal grant program – was told by Western Washington State University that they do not recognize the Naval Academy or NPS.  Which forced me to consider selling Real Estate – am now an Associate Broker for Windermere Real Estate/Whidbey Island and after 5 years, still loving it!   So, we settled back where I started in Coupeville, Washington, on beautiful Whidbey Island. Oldest son Tim just made Eagle Scout and we are very proud of him and his brothers.  I am the Scoutmaster for the Coupeville Troop.   Backpacked 92 miles last summer.  Would love to see your families and get caught up, and will try to be out with Bev to the 25th reunion.  You have a place to stay or at least a hot cup of coffee, anytime!  Beat Army! — Clay & Bev

Mooshagian, Mark Nishan

Morben, Darrel Michael – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Darrel commands the USS CARR (FFG 52)

Mulholland, Maxwell

Murphy, Charles T., Jr.

Musso, Carrie Louise

Neveras, Barry D.

Neveras, Gary W.

Noble, Daniel Leslie

Perry, Carrie Lorraine (Coulter)

Rubin, Robert Louis–Email updated 2/4/12–

Steele, James Polk, III

Taylor, Mitchell

Trice, R D – – 9/28/05: I was a member of 23rd company through the end of plebe year. I left and got a degree, and got a commission in the Supply Corps in July 1981, and after 20 years of active duty, retired as a Commander. I’m now a Life member of the alumni association. Certainly and interesting twist to be the first one from the class commissioned and retired. I’m now with the civil service.

Valore, Orlando Mike Jr.

Vanhove, Eric Albert

Vasina, Scott Roland

Venturelli, Louis

Watson, Thomas Campbell

Wood, Robert Anthony
We have something in common
In updating my address book
You in this mailing
Survived my first look.

I said I would never do it
But I finally did
I picked me up broadband
For a few extra quid

In order to do it,
I gave prodigy the heave ho
That bothers me not
As it was certainly slow.

Now I can handle
Those extra large mails
Keep the jokes coming
So the fun never fails

Tony and Kathi Wood

P.S. My appologies to my Japanese friends, you may have some trouble interpreting the above. You can use either one of the following addresses:

tnkwood@1982.usna.com  (This is a permanent address we have through the US Naval Academy.  They automatically forward my e-mails to any address I give them.  Therefor, if you use this address you may never have to go through my weak attempt at humor again.  Any changes I make will be transparent to you.)   kwood719@cfl.rr.com  (This is the our direct address through Road Runner)

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