22nd Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Arnold, Bradley Grant

Aruffo, Thomas JohnMay he Rest in Peace

Bielik, Christopher Joseph

Bille, Bruce Allan – – Email 3/25/2012: I have been living in Warren, OH, for 20 years, after having moved 11 times in the first 10 years after graduation. I was married at the USNA Chapel in July ’82 and divorced in 2005. My three boys, now 14, 18, and 21, have re-located with their mother back to central New York but they are doing well. None have/had aspirations of attending the Boat School.

After graduation from USNA, I went Surface Line and spent 39 months on USS Conyngham (DDG 17) and then was the commissioning Anti-Air Warfare Officer on USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55). I resigned my commission in ’88. After 2 years with General Dynamics, Pomona Division as a Sr. Research Analyst in the Operations Research Department, I held several sales and sales management positions over the next 10 years.

I then found my niche as a technical recruiter, first as an Account Executive with Management Recruiters International (MRI). Though I met the qualifications for their Pacesetter program in my rookie year, I felt that I could be more effective in managing the sales and recruitment process using a different management style, and left to start my own recruiting company in 2001. Technical Staffing Professionals (http://www.techstaffingpros.com) has now been operating for 11 years, and continues to provide a valuable service and benefits to progressive companies and talented candidates. I focus mainly in the advanced energy industry, with concentrations in fuel cells, advanced battery, and algae-to-biofuel sectors.

Binhlam, Jacqueline

Borror, Paul Joseph

Brewer, Michael K.

Carroll, Edward Michael

Diaz, Gabriel Anthony

Dovalgo, Geraldine Louise

Ellison, Thomas Michael

Frost, Mark C.-May he rest in peace

Guest, Robert Stewart

Halladay, David Edison – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Dave is in SouthCom in Miami.

Hardy, Mark Andrew

Howe, David D.-May he rest in peace

Humphreys, Daniel Thomas-May he rest in peace

Jasion, Edward Burns–10/12-07–Married to Mary since 12Jun82. Retired from active duty flying (H-2, H60B) 01Jun02. Currently working as DoD Navy Civilian at CNAF NAS North Island, as the Director of Aircrew Training Systems. Residing in San Diego, CA since June 2003. Four boys in various stages of undergraduate and post-graduate education (University of CO, Boulder – Eddie ’08; Arizona State University – Stephen ’08; Creighton University, Daniel ’07, Brent ’09).

Juarez, Barbara Ann

Kennington, William A., Jr.

Kessenich, Pace Roy — (8/23/05) New email address pace@kessenich.net. Married to Anne Townsend 12/16/95. Son Skyler 5/9/99, daughter Sophia 9/28/02. Live in Lutherville, MD (Baltimore County), work at UBS FInancial Services, Inc. Hunt Valley, MD office.

Lamison, Janice Adele

Lawler, Gregory Michael

Lester, Christopher Watson

Marcantonio, Nicholas A.10/22/07–I’m teaching up here in Cooperstown High School, which I started last month. I’m teaching Math after finally getting my PhD in Math from Columbia. Took 7 years, but it’s nice to hear “Dr. Marc” (instead of “Uncle Nick”). My dream job would be to teach at the Naval Academy and I suppose now that I have the doctorate, I can apply for jobs there. Anyway, Colleen and the kids (Nick, 17 and Julia, 10) are still down on Long Island. Nick graduates this year and plans to go to college, he just doesn’t know where. Julia is in 5th grade and is hoping not to move to Cooperstown NY. I’ve been driving back and forth on the weekends (280.4 miles, by the way), but Cooperstown is a beautiful little town (2,034 residents). The high school is great and the kids are nice and polite. It’s like being in a Disney-town.

Maszewski, Edward J.

Miller, Kendall J.May he rest in peace

Parker, Carl Terrance

Schilling, Paul Gregory

Silvius, David G. – – 8/12/05 moved from San Jose, CA to Dublin, OH in late March 2005 to fulfill a promise made to my wife Julie many years ago (she is from Springfield OH and wanted to be close to her family for a change).  Kept my job at Agilent Technologies – since my boss is in Asia and all I do is travel around the US, he didn’t care where I lived.

We really enjoy our new church in Dublin, Discover Christian Church, a non-denominational church affiliated with the Church of Christ.

Adopted our daughter Katie from China when she was 7 months old.  Now she is 8 and a big 3rd grader.  A truly sweet girl and an incredible blessing.

Retired Dec 04, CDR, USNR.  Active duty on subs 82-90, including a 2 year stint teaching at Basic Sub school (SOBC) which was a blast.

Tyson, Gregory S.