20th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

E-mail rep: Mark Lopresto

Bakotic, Mark E. – – Al Grecco e-mail 9/2/99: Recently detached from N86 and headed to Orlando to be XO at the Naval Air Warfare Center – Training Division.

Balk, Leo David

Carpenter, Joe

Caswell, Ronald R.–8/24/2011–Left the Navy in 1993 and have been working as a commercial General contractor since. I oversee the design and construction of healthcare facilities (hospitals and medical office buildings). I live in Chesapeake, VA, divorced, two children and 4 grand daughters. I hope you’re all doing great!…Ron

Clifton, James Michael

Cramer, Jeffery M.–7/30/2012–Still living in Denver, still flying at UAL. Current hair situation is that there’s a pilgrimage to my back via eyebrows and ears, so I’ve got that going for me. Three daughters all doing well without micromanagement; oldest in college, middle daughter senior in HS, youngest is 10-going-on-30. Financially keeping economy afloat by purchasing many iProducts which we destroy or lose with alarming regularity. Pam and I are looking forward to the 30th, I’m bringing a portable dialysis machine (which I’m willing to share). Looking back on an imminently forgettable decade, we’ve been blessed with good health, good kids, and good luck!

Doherty, John J.

Druce, William R.

Golightly, Mike J.

Johnson, Steven W.

Jones, David I.

Kemper, Dale A.–9/22/2010–I’m currently a pilot at Delta airlines.

Kineke, Charles R. — 1/16/2007 — Threw in the Navy towel in Jan 91 and now work at a bank in New England.  I still get to wear a uniform in the branches I guard but they don’t let me carry any weapons.

Lee, Robert T.

Lopresto, Mark D. – – (Company e-mail representative)

Lowe, Douglas E.

Manwaring, Darryl R.

McCarty, John R.–7/14/07–Left active duty USMC April 97.  Started with United Airlines in July 97.  Currently Los Angeles based A320 F/O.  Divorced in 97.  Married in 05.  Living in the People’s Republic of California since 05.

Miller, Danny

Nickitas, Peter J.

Perez-Vergara, Eliezer, Jr.

Powers, Craig S.

Reifsnyder, Robert H.

Rice, Warren W.

Robichaud, Raymond Mark–4/18/07–burned my khakis in Nov 2006 after 25 years in the Navy. I have moved into Defense Industry working with Northrop Grumman Underseas Systems Annapolis building advanced weapons systems. I work with great people and my commute is 10 minutes so I love it here. I have four boys now ages: 19, 17, 15 and 2. (Cindy and I are gluttons for punishment).

Smith, Kevin D.-5/4/02–Active duty (SWO) through 9/92, when I transferred to the Selected Reserve. Currently an O-5 EDO; mob billet with Naval Sea Systems Command. Civilian Life: Director, Strategic Planning, Siemens Westinghouse Power Corp., Orlando, Florida. Personal: Married (wife’s name is Terri); two kids (Lindsay, 11 and Colin, 3)

Taschetta, Joseph

Vandagriff, Rick

Weaver, Steven E. – – 8/18/05 Currently residing in Alameda, California. I am a Baptist Missionary serving as director of a ministry center in Oakland, California.

Welter, Joseph Donald

Yee, Edward T. W.