1st Company, USNA 1982

Andrews, David Thomas

Benedict, Terry J. – – (Class Treasurer)

Breckenridge, Richard Paul – – Will Morales E-mail 09/28/00: Rich will be taking command of USS Memphis (SSN 691) in FEB 01.

Chapman, Eric Wayde

Clyborne, Richard Bruce

Criswell, Jeffrey Stuart

Esposito, Donna Marie4/23/02–I just retired in September after 20 terrific years (had a career with all of the adventure of Indiana Jones, Jonny Quest and Jacques Cousteau all rolled into one). I finished my last tour teaching Oceanography, Meteorology, Ethics and Sailing to the mids at USNA. I still sail with the mids as a volunteer for their offshore summer sailing cruises and live in Arnold, on the other side of the river from USNA.

Foster, Michael Dan

French, Gregory P. — email address updated 3/1/2007

Galpin, Timothy

Gray, Alison Marie–3/9/07–As a class of 1982 graduate I was Alison Gray, 1st company, but for the past 19 years I have been a happily married Alison “Pollard”. I currently reside right outside of Richmond, Virginia after spending 17 years in St. Louis, Missouri and time in Hawaii before that. My e-mail address is vision2004@mindspring.com. My husband and I have 2 boys, age 17 and 10. I plan to drag all of them along to the reunion so I can show them off to my classmates, show them the yard and share lots of stories with them.

See everyone Soon,

Grim, David J. A.–5/25/07will celebrate our twenty-fifth by retiring from the reserves on 1 June.  Several things make the timing right, not the least of which is my desire to attend our reunion unhampered by military protocol.  I will remain active in Blue and Gold; my first success graduates this week.  I spent the night of the 25th anniversary of I-day at BGO training, one room over from my plebe summer room.  Gary Sandala was in his Batt Officer tour and did not brace me up even though my room was trashed.

Working a logistics job at Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut.  Why wouldn’t a Navy multi-engine prop pilot work with Korea’s F-16’s engines?  Di is teaching HS business and computers.  We spend lots of time at USCGA where our older daughter is a newly-minted 2/c.  The younger is a freshman in HS.  We look forward to seeing everybody at the reunion.

Hardin, Craig Owen

Hendrickson, Herbert H.

Higgins, James E., III

Kennedy, Thomas Joseph-9/12/07-I retired from active duty AF as a Lt Col in Sep 04.  I was working at Los Angeles AFB, CA in the GPS program office.  This made me a GPS expert and I got a job working for Overlook Systems Tech in Albuquerque, NM.  Overlook is partially owned by a ’52 grad, Mike Sorrentino and is based in Vienna, VA.  We specialize in GPS technology and policy.  I am the Overlook Program Manager for the Joint Navigation Warfare Center located here at Kirtland AFB.  This job is very interesting and has led me to the UK, Canada, and Australia in support of meetings, tests, and exercises.  My wife, Pam, is a NM native and her folks live here in town.  We have two kids. Our daughter is in third grade and our son is in first.  I’m looking forward to seeing everybody at the reunion.  Wish my roomies could have made it, but life happens.  Bill, Mike, Tom start planning now for 2012!

Kiser, Thomas Scott

Kocornik, Pamela Jean

Krese, Timothy J.

Tim Krese, President
South Tech Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 2167
Lexington, SC 29071
Office   – 803-808-3400
Mobile – 803-318-3580
Fax   –   803-808-3300


17 Due West Drive
Lexington, SC 29072

Krug, Paul A.

McCormack, William Patrick

Morales, William – – E-mail 09/28/00: Finishing my last week of the PCO pipeline before flying out to the MED this Friday to take command of USS CARON (DD 970). With the exception of a few schools and a three year tour in Houston, TX, I’ve been one of the fortunate few sailors able to homestead in Norfolk, VA. All my shipboard tours and staff tours have been in Norfolk. With the exception of my last sea tour, all my ships have been decommissioned or sold as part of the FMS program. (SOUTH CAROLINA CGN-37, IOWA BB-61, MCCANDLESS FF-1084, and HALYBURTON FFG-40) I am married to a wonderful lady from England – Margaret, and we have four children and one grandchild already (I married into an instant family)! Our oldest son, Christopher, is working as a computer geek at NASA Langley; Meghann just finished getting a job after graduating from Virginia Tech last May; Sahra graduated from High School and is going …. who knows where she’s going. David is in fourth grade and flourishing both athletically and academically. Hope to see some more of my classmates while I am deployed to the Med with the GW Battle Group.

Morris, Wilfred R., Jr.–1/14/2007– I live in Helotes, Texas, a town just outside San Antonio. Married, wife Barb, two children Robbie 14, Alexandra 12.

Murray, Kenneth Douglas –– 1/30/2007 — Well, the White Knight is back. I managed to retire from the Naval Air Reserves in late 2000 as a Commander, hope to see a paycheck someday… Currently residing in Chandler, Arizona building rockets as a Quality Engineer since 1998. A long way from any large body of water, but I have adjusted just the same, having taken up kayaking on the local lakes. It has been a long time since seeing any classmates in person, hope that trend ends soon.

Riggs, Terri Lynn–5/31/2007–After graduation, I spent 5 years in the Civil Engineer Corps- all in Hawaii-resigned and moved to the Sacramento area- worked for a general contractor for 10 years doing mostly military construction projects (7 of those years back in Hawaii!!)… Married, 4 children (Julie-17, David- 16, Kevin-13, and Eric-13) and soon to be “single mother” (divorce)… I worked as an IT project manager for both the State of California and HP, but now am self-employed doing construction project management consulting/software training in California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and soon-to-be Hawaii…. We live about 2 hours from San Francisco, 1 hour to Lake Tahoe… I still swim and compete fairly often. All 4 children swim and the two older ones play water polo so we spend a lot of time in and around swimming pools. Still enjoy having the children home but know that someday they will be heading off on their own too!

Robillard, Greg

Rouser, Michael Paul

Ruff, David Grady – – 1/14/07:  After 25 years, it’s time to move on from active duty…my retirement is effective 1 Mar 07.  While on active duty as a submariner, I served on PORTSMOUTH in San Diego CA, was Eng on KAMEHAMEHA Blue in Holy Loch Scotland, was XO on ARCHERFISH in New London CT, and had command of LOUISIANA Gold in Kings Bay GA.  After command, I had a 2 year tour in Naples Italy, and just finished a tour at Navy Personnel Command in Millington TN.  My son Greg is a junior at NC State, and my daughter Katie is finishing her senior year of high school; she’s been accepted to the University of Richmond.  Marla and I hope to move east, to North Carolina (or a state touching it) in the summer of 07.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone at the 25th!

Schmidlin, William George — 6/3/2016: Spent some glorious years Rota Spain, London England and Key West FL.  Retired in 2007 and took up OPS RESEARCH work as a Department of the Army Civilian at US Southern Command in Doral, FL.  Married in 1982, and still married to the same gal.  We have an adult daughter working as a Human Factors Engineer for Sony Playstation over in San Mataeo, CA.

Smith, Carrie (Bean) -2/13/2007–Hope to see everyone at the Reunion.

Tabert, Mark Thomas

Urey, Paul

Weber, Lawrence K., III

Zendle, Neal H.