17th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Bushong, Bruce–8/12/05–Resigned from the Navy in 1990, and have since held a variety of manufacturing jobs with Kimberly-Clark, Callaway Golf, and now am a Department Head with Georgia-Pacific Corp. in Oklahoma. Still married to Jamie, and have three perfect kids, Carly (1988), Cassie (1990), and Ben (1993). A perfect time to plug my recent novel, “Tin Man Meets Dorothy”, a great Navy romance and adventure. Visit www.TinManMeetsDorothy.com for all the details. A sequel is also in the works.

Calhoun, Catherine

Capstaff, Joseph Gerard

Crutchfield, Barbara Lynn

Dixon, Dominic Streat – – (Company e-mail representative)

Edgerly, Lloyd William–May he rest in peace

Fisher, S. Gregory

Glasow, Timothy R.

Hall, Wilburn Keith

Jackson, Timothy Joseph

Jaenichen, Paul Nathan–9/21/02–Its been a long time since I have talked to anyone in the company. My ship, USS ALBANY has spent the last 9 months in DMP. I finish up my command tour next month and get relieved on 14 June with verbal follow-on orders to be Senior Member of the ORSE Board. I am still not sure why they think I am so Nuclear! I do have orders in hand to Carrier Group Eight, but the detailer tells me they are going to change. I guess they don’t know that time, tide and formation wait for no man! My son, Nathan, just completed his Plebe year in 11th Company (Class of 2005) and Paula and I have Season tickets for Navy Football. My brother, Lee (Class of 1985), who is stationed at the Pentagon and lives in Bowie is his sponsor. So we are keeping it all in the Family. Look forward to hearing about plans for the reunion, let me know what I can do to help.

Johnson, David Craig

McColl, Angus A.

Miller, Chris

Ortiz, Prichard Rayos

Page, Thomas Gerard

Parsons, Gregory Keith

Pollard, Stephen Joseph – – John Vargo e-mail 09/09/00: Steve is finishing up a tour on KITTY HAWK as Strike Officer. Steve will PCS in a few weeks to be the XO of Aviation Safety School in Monterey – – a great place to retire from.

Rodriguez, Vidal – 12/1/2006–Hello Class of 1982 – After being away from the East Coast for over 10 years, we are now back in the Washington DC area and looking forward to catching up with everyone.  I wanted to reach out to the Class and update them on my career and family.  After I resigned from the Navy in January of 1990, I started with Caterpillar Inc.  I have had several assignments in the Midwest, Northeast, Caribbean, Central and South America.  I am now back in Washington DC – in the International Business arena for Caterpillar.  My wife Kelli and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last year!  She has been a successful District Manager for a large Pharmaceutical company.  Our sons, Vidal, Jr. (18) and Francis (13) are doing great.  Vidal, Jr. was accepted into the US Naval Academy Preparatory school in Newport RI  (class of 2007).  He is enjoying NAPS and all it has to offer, the academics and especially the football and weightlifting teams.  (I have attached a photo from the Navy Ball at NAPS in October of 2006 – the Navy just brings you back in!  The photo includes Marlene Vincent – Grandmother, Vidal, Sr., Vidal Jr. and Kelli Rodriguez).  Francis, just turned 13 and has just hit 5’11” and turned out to be quite the basketball player.  We are now settled into Fairfax, VA and are looking forward to being active members of the USNA Alumni association – see you all at the Army-Navy Game!

Go Navy – Beat Army!

Russell, John L.

Sherman, Peter Sands

Smith, Mike

Sunseri, Steve

Tarango, Mark Edward

Tissue, Philip Cox

Uffman, Craig David

Ullrich, Michael Walter

Upright, Greg

Wehrenberg, Don

Wells, Dennis Edwards–9/16/05–Read attached Wells family newsletter.

Wilde, Alan R.

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