16th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Bartram, William Thomas-May he rest in peace

Bugbee, John Arthur

Buterbaugh, Thomas – – 4/16/02: I fleeted up from XO to take command of Navy Recruiting District, Miami in June of 2001 and expect to relinquish command this December. Just started to work with the detailer so don’t know where I’m headed yet. I married a former Army nurse in 1996 and Karen and I have two sons: Daniel, born 16 Oct 1997 and David, born 15 March 1999. We’re keeping very busy and having an absolute ball. Regretfully, a very aggressive travel schedule is going to prohibit my attendance at the 20th reunion.

Clark, Dwayne Charles–3/6/2017–After graduating USNA, I went to College Station, Texas and got a Masters in Chemistry from Texas A&M. I then did the Nuclear Power/Submarine pipeline. I did a submarine tour on USS Lewis and Clark (Gold) which included 5 patrols out of Charleston and Holy Loch. I was awarded the Charles Lockwood Award as the top Atlantic Fleet junior submarine officer and was honored at the Naval Submarine League annual convention. I even got to meet Tom Clancy.

I then taught freshman Chemistry (with Brian Grady, Class of 1982) at USNA from 1988-90.  I attended medical school at Duke University School of Medicine on a Navy Health Profession scholarship. I finished medical school in 1994 and did a residency in Family Medicine at Jacksonville Naval Hospital.

After residency, I did a 4 year tour at Naval Hospital Cherry Point. I returned to Jacksonville Naval Hospital in 2001 as faculty member and eventual Department Head for the Family Medicine residency training program. My last 6 months in the Navy was spent at Guantanamo Bay as Senior Medical Officer of the Enemy Combatant Detention Hospital.

I retired as CDR, MC from the US Navy in July 2006 and took a job in Fond du Lac  (Foot of the Lake), Wisconsin (yeah its COLD). We are about an hour north of Milwaukee.  I am working for the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic doing Family Medicine and have a very busy primary care practice.

I am remarried with 3 + 3= 6 kids.  I married Christine Schiek on October 10, 2014. She is a real estate agent locally.

I enjoy road biking when my  schedule allows. My wife and I try to escape the cold weather a few times every winter and head to our timeshare in Mexico.

Coe, Lynne Ann2/13/2007–I am currently living in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, just outside of San Antonio. If you’re ever passing through San Antonio, look us up.

Coetzee, Frans Joseph

Cooper, William George-5/25/02 – After graduation, I was commissioned as a civil engineer corps officer and spent my first two tours at NAS Pensacola. I was assigned to the Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC) and then the Public Works Center (PWC). During these 4 years, I spent an enormous amount of time doing civil engineering type work. I learned a whole lot of stuff (or better yet, maybe re-learned stuff that I was suppose to have learned at USNA) and got licensed as a professional engineer. As a Lieutenant (1986), I then was assigned as Assistant Public Works Officer at CBC Gulfport for one year. After this tour (1987), I decided to leave the Navy and venture out into the civilian world. My first job out of the Navy was (ironically) working for the Navy again as a Project Manager for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command’s Southern Division in Charleston, SC. Charleston was really great and we stayed there for 7 years until late 1994. I was then asked to return to Pensacola to run the $300 million dollar BRAC construction program at NAS Pensacola. We staffed our office with terrific engineers and built over 2 million square feet of facilities in about 2 years. It was the largest single contract Southern Division has ever awarded. When the BRAC project was over (early 1997), I was asked to stay at ROICC Pensacola as Chief Engineer and that is still my current position. Our office does about $70 million of construction a year. It’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy the work. We’ve built quality facilities at NAS Pensacola, NAS Whiting, NTTC Corry and Saufley. We are very fortunate to have good engineers and inspectors on our staff.

I’ve been married to my terrific wife Donna since 1984 and we have two outstanding kids: Michelle (15) and Melissa (11). We are very involved in a local church and spend most of our free time associated with church activities. God has remembered us and blessed us more than we deserve.

Craft, Robert Branford

Davidson, John Morison

Edelmann, Gregg Davis-5/1/2012–My wife Shelley and daughters Sophia (9) and Laila (5) now reside in the Dallas area where we’ve been since moving from Houston in 2009. We’re enjoying the parenting thing and all the wonder that comes with watching kids grow up — albeit too quickly. I am still working for ExxonMobil, now as an HR Manager in the corporate headquarters office. Shelley is staying busy teaching the kids right from wrong, since she’s much more qualified to do so than I. I retired from the Navy Reserve in 2010. We’d love to host any Sweet 16er that makes their way to the DFW area, so send us an e-mail if you are planning to visit cowboy (and cowgirl) country.

Robert Franklin

Furlan, Deborah Miki–7/30/02–Deborah Furlan… will be attending the reunion w/ husband David Kane. No kids. Retired from the Reserves after 17 by qualifying for the “too-fat-and-senior-early-out” incentive. Really glad to have made it though: those extra cans of cat food from the ol’ Reserve retirement check should come in handy.

Current passion: landscape design. (Mikino Design, Los Angeles.) Working on the M/M Bob Hope gardens here in Toluca Lake, Calif. Just completed a custom home landscape on Lake Tahoe. Still acting, here and there.

Now residing in Toluca Lake, City of Los Angeles, California. Our 5-year plan includes finding a place to start our own commune either in CONUS or out, writing some poems, and floating around in a Hinckley Sou’wester 52. We hope.

Golay, Stephen Clark

Grecco, Albert J. –1/19/2013–I retired from the Navy on January 1, 2011. My last 2 jobs were the Major Program Manager and Technical Director for Aegis BMD and the Major Program Manager for Integrated Combat Systems. I’ve been dealing with an autoimmune disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) since the late 90’s. Essentially, my immune system has been attacking my liver and specifically, the small bile ducts. It was a long illness and gradual decline for the first 12 years, but a rapid descent since retirement. As my illness progressed to end stage liver disease, my kidneys suffered from the stress they were placed under and also failed. On October 3, 2012 I received the phone call from Georgetown University Hospital with an offer of an organ set and the gift of life. It has now been over 3 months since the surgery and the change has been dramatic. I haven’t felt this good in many years. The recovery has been deliberate and slow. I am extremely grateful to the family of the donor for their selfless gift and saddened that their loved one passed.

Heid, Stephen Charles

Henninger, David

Hipschman, Thomas Ross

Hunt, RichardMay he rest in peace

Kasamoto, Randal

Kennedy, John C.

Kovel, Sarah Beth

McKown, Martin Hayes

Millard, Thomas Michael–email address updated 2/11/2007

Parkhurst, Lyman

Patton, Glenn

Sawtelle, Edmund Rossiter – – 5/19/02– The retirement ceremony went VERY well! Here are three pixs of the event. (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3) I must say that it was an awesome ceremony (except for the USN honor guard hitting the lights on the way in, and then hitting the same lights on the way out (SMILE)). Over 130 in attendance including Singapore’s Chief Defense Scientist. The National Anthem was sung by a lady who sometimes sings for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Keynote speech was by the Ambassador. I liked the whole send-off (but then again I should, as I did all the arrangements to make it happen).

Do hope that I will get to unpack sometime in the future though (the HHG’s people can’t find my air shipment). One of the reasons that I went ahead of Pam and the kids was to take custody of the air freight and unpack. I have however bought two cars. P.S. This is a copy of my new business card!

Schroeder, Alan D.

Stackhouse, William A.–8/14/02–Graduation. SWOS Divo course. 1982-1986 – 3.5 years on USS Richmond K. Turner (CG-20) as 1st Lt and Aux Mach Ofcr, earned SWO Qual and did 2 med deployments w/action in Grenada, the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force (off Beirut – just after Marine Barracks bombing), and “Line of Death” shoot-out in Gulf of Sidra with Kadafi.

1986-1988 – 2 years shore duty in Newport, RI as YP OIC with YPRON 10 teaching Drivers Ed to Naval Officers the first year and Resources Manager for Director for Training the second year. Helped out coaching the NAPS Soccer Team. Gave up my seat at Dept Head School and resigned my active commission to accept a reserve commission and take a staff position with a non-profit organization called Young Life to become an Area Director in this Christian non-denominational para-church outreach ministry to High School and Middle School kids.

1988-1993 – 5 years serving on the Young Life staff in Alexandria, VA, and serving as a SelRes with CONVOYCOM Norva Det 206 trying to keep the lost art of convoying alive, but to no avail. CONVOYCOM Units were phased out (as they shouldhave been) as I was leaving Alexandria. Helped out coaching the Mt Vernon H.S. Soccer Team and was head coach for a Gunston Soccer club U-17 Team for two years. On June 20, 1992, I married the lovely and talented former Miss Megan Beuhl, whose father passed away while serving on active duty with the U. S. Marine Corps as the Chief of Staff to the Commandant of the Corps ( I never thought I’d marry “the General’s daughter.” Unfortunately, he had passed away before Megan and I met). In Jan 1992, Megan’s Mom was re-married to BGen John DeBarr, USMC (ret) (the Corps takes care of their own). BGen DeBarr is a great guy and he fought as a USMC 2nd Lt on Iwo Jima – a true American hero.

1993-2000 – In July 1993, I relocated to take a position as Area Director for Young Life of Norfolk, VA, which lasted for the next 7 years, and served as a SelRes with CINCLANTFLT Det 206 in the CLF Logistics Readiness Center where I learned the lost art of making TPFDDs using the JOPES ADP system. Four beautiful daughters were born to Megan and I in Sept 1993, Mar 1996, Nov 1997, and Feb 2000. In Nov of 2000, I deferred to the needs of my family and left the staff of Norfolk Young Life (and the 24/7 demands of youth ministry) and went on a voluntary recall as an active duty reservist with U. S. Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, VA working in the joint deployment process owner (JDPO) division of the J4 Logistics Directorate.

2000-2002 – I am enjoying being back on active duty and served on the staff of USJFCOM during Operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom. The division I joined is hard at work trying to improve every aspect of the process our joint forces step through as they forward deploy into a theater of operations to project the full force of our military power. Megan and I are enjoying this new phase of our lives with our four girls, my service in the active duty force, and the new church we have been attending for the past 3 years, named Trinity Presbyterian Church, which meets in the Ghent area of Norfolk. I am making plans to attend our 20 year reunion and am looking forward to seeing all those from our class who can make it.

Stresemann, Michael N.

Wojtan, Edward Walter

Yelder, Chris