14th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

Bannister, Michael E.–6/29/07–Resigned in ’89 and been in the medical equipment field for the entire time I have been out of the Navy with great success. Sales of lab instruments and operating room specialty supplies. Married to Sharon since 1991 and have two kids Harrison, 14 and Austin 12. We now live and have for the past five years in the Atlanta area but frequent my old stomping grounds of Charleston as I have a sister there and love the place. Eight years in Frederick, MD prior to that about 2 miles from Hood College. We get up to the Annapolis area one or two times a year for ball games (have had my season tickets for about 10 years now 40 yard line 16 rows up) and the occasional A-N game. Looking forward to seeing all the guys and gals at the reunion!

Brennan, William D.

Cole, Patricia

Cortese, Michael John

Crombie, Tabor–(9/2/08)–Have updated email address.

Dabrowski, Kathryn

Denham, Paul–10/31/05–I’m still living in Charleston and working for IBM in NY (telecommuter). Navy-wise, I’m now stationed at the Navy Yard in D.C. as the NAVSEA Reserve Director for Law Enforcement, Physical Security, Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection (LEPS AT/FP). I’ve run into various classmates over the past year at NAVSEA – CDR Matt Cissell, USN (Ret.); CAPT Dave Johnson, USN; CAPT Mike Fierro. I’ve seen Bill Rempe and John Shatto in airports while traveling and Russ Janicke, Rick Stein, Ben Moody, Mike Cortese, and Mike Bannister during their visits to Charleston. Still single and loving life! Dragging my current girl to this week’s Homecoming (Nov 2005) so I hope to see more of you in Annapolis! 6/3/02–I’m living in Charleston, working for IBM, still in the Reserves (Millington, TN at PERS-9). Haven’t seen any of our classmates in TN but I ran into a few during my last tour in Norfolk at COMSUBLANT.

Elmendorf, Gregg Richard

Gandee, Linda M.

Giorgio, Mary Vita

Janicke, Russell Theodore

Jones, Stephen Stanford

Khol, Curtis A.

Land, Dennis Roy

McKenzie, W. B.

Moody, Benjamin Wofford

Otton, Edward Charles

Parry, Thomas R.

Popovich, William G.

Reagans, Elliott, Jr.

Rempe, William H.6/15/02– I signed up for an alumni email address, so anyone should be able to reach me forever at WILLIAM.REMPE@1982.USNA.COM After a tour in VFA-86 I got out of the Navy in Feb of ’90 and am now a Delta pilot living in Atlanta. I checked out as Captain on the MD-88 last year, but with the trouble the airlines have been having since September I’ve been trying to hang on to my seat and am about 30 numbers away from being bumped back to First Officer. My wife Valerie and I got married a few years back, and have two wonderful additions to our family: a 3 year old daughter named Amelia, and a 5 month old baby girl named Anneliese. We are planning to make it to homecoming (with or without kids) and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there. I run into Jon Shatto at work occasionally – he lives in Peachtree City (south of Atlanta), and he is doing his best to propagate the species with 7 little Shattos running around. That’s all for now, see y’all in September!

Schumacher, Randy Harold

Shatto, Jon R.

Soule, Ralph Thomas – – 4/27/2012 — I retired from active duty 1 November. My wife Pamela and I and younger son Beau live in the Tidewater area (working from an office in VBeach, recently moved into a house near ODU).

I started out as a Surface Warfare Officer (assignments on USS KIRK (FF 1087) and USS VANDEGRIFT (FFG 48) and later (1986) getting nuclear power trained. Following assignment as MPA on USS MISSISSIPPI (CGN 40), graduate school at MIT (MSEE and MSNuc Eng), and Station Officer on the Big E for RCOH (with Matt Sharpe and Tom Rowden), I became an Engineering Duty (ED) Officer, specializing in ship construction, maintenance, and modernization. My specialty was building and repairing nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines. My ED assignments included Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Supervisor of Shipbuilding Newport News, Reactor Officer during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s (CVN 69) Refueling Overhaul, Operations Officer at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, and staff lead for aircraft carrier maintenance and material readiness on both the east and west coasts (this must be some kind of record). My Command tour was Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, US Navy, Newport News, Virginia building, repairing, and refueling nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines.

Following retirement 1 Nov, I started working with a company that does engineering design and services for the Navy, Spatial Integrated Systems (www.sisinc.org)-think “ship spaces” not “satellites in space” (that would be “spacial” integrated systems). We develop and deploy technical solutions that incorporate digital 3D data capture and imaging, artificial intelligence, robotics, and 3D visualization/simulation. The CEO hired me to help him get more work on ship maintenance, lifecycle management, and modernization programs (very small areas now). I have also been accepted into the GW University’s Human Organizational Learning Doctorate program so I will be commuting two days a month to the GWU Ashburn, VA campus for classes.

I have a family blog at www.soulefamily.org where you can go to see pictures (photo and pictures link at the top of the page) and daily summaries of our trip to Europe last Nov-Dec. Ralph Soule

Stroud, Shawn W.