13th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

E-mail rep: Pete Hayes

Alexander, Richard Kertell – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Rich is on the CruDesGroup One Staff.

Bartholomew, David–4/8/08–Writing this on the morning after the KU Jayhawks won the NCAA National Championship in basketball. Yes we are still in Kansas. We have been married over 5 years now since the last posting (pay up– any who said it couldn’t be done).

As hard as I have tried to hide– here in a needle in a haystack in the exact center of the U.S.– John Hluchyj and Tim Thomas found me. I have always stayed in touch with Dave Henninger. I still can’t get off Rett Rasmussen’s Xmas card list. I don’t think I ever relayed the weirdest “small world” story I have ever experienced– that of walking onto the LA set of “The Mask” with Jim Carrey, and seeing my old roommate from NYC, Mike “Do Something, Even if it’s Wrong” Cannella, standing on the stairway in a tux, as an extra! And I know that even if I go into the witness protection program… the Alumni Association will make sure they have something in my mailbox the day I arrive. So I guess I can’t get away from you Middies. I think I did try to email my other old roommate, Jeff Cleary, once; and I didn’t hear back; but that’s probably just because he’s a doctor now and thinks I might want a free proctal exam or something… so no harm done.

I continue to take film work and create some of my own projects. Just completed “The Only Good Indian” with Wes Studi, where I was stunt coordinator, Wes Studi double and production manager. Still pursuing our projects. The One World Flag– an international symbol of diversity is growing. DoingIt!– a journal of positive living is being credited for the caliber of its writing. Fine arts still photography and other endeavors fill in other blocks of time. And the product lines, art, etc. of my wife Joan Clark continue to blossom as well. If anyone is interested there are pretty comprehensive web updates on our sites, and new blogs have been added as well. The One World Flag blog will be updated the most regularly, and features some of the DoingIt! writings, so that is a good place to start. And the bottom of the home page of the One World Flag will take you to any of a number of peer-to-peer identities (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) should you wish to link up.

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Brady, Daniel J.

Carodine, Charles K. – – E-mail 10/19/00: Ken will be at the U.S. Naval Academy Visitor’s Center, on Saturday, October 21, 2000, from 9:00 to noon to sign his first novel, All The Tea. See his press release for additional details.

– – E-mail 09/20/00: My new life as an author seems to be well underway. The audio version of All the Tea was released last month with Star Trek’s Walter Koenig (Chekov) conducting the narration! I hope to see as many of the old crowd as I can, as the Naval Academy Visitor’s Center will be hosting me for a booksigning on the morning of the Homecoming Game, on October 21st. My Change of Command will take place this Saturday (23 Sep 00) when I relinquish COMINEWARCOM Det 107 and move to Naval Reserve Readiness Command South as the N-6.

– – E-mail 04/17/00: I just celebrated my eleventh year in Texas (Dallas-area). I’m Manager of the Center of Excellence and Technical Consulting for MetaSolve Software, Inc. in Plano, Texas. We produce a software product for the Telecommunications Service Industry. I’ve been in Information Technology for about eight years now, mostly in software development consulting and management. Texas has been great so far. I got my M.S. in IT from the University of Texas five years ago and life hasn’t really slowed down since. I’ve got two kids now, Andrew Kenneth (9) and Victoria Grace (7). Both are actively involved in school and sports, and generally spending their inheritance now. I’m still in the Reserves, serving as CO, COMINEWARCOM Det 107. Paul Eichelberger and Steve Rapp traveled from the furthest regions of the world to attend my change of command almost two years ago. I stay in regular contact with them. I’ll be relieved in October of this year and have no idea what’s next. Finally, my first fiction novel is being published in May. All the Tea is a techno-thriller set in the South China Sea that pits a Navy officer against Chinese spies determined to steal the secrets of the world’s first viable nuclear fusion reactor. As you can guess, we’re pretty excited out here. While it won’t hit the stores until late-May or June, the publisher already has detailed information about it at on their web site: www.timberwolfpress.com

Civilikas, Robert G.

Cleary, Jeffrey Charles

Donnahoo, Robert W., III

Eichelberger, Paul Jeffers – – Ken Carodine e-mail 04/17/00: Paul is with Corning, working remotely in the DC-area going back to graduate school at Johns Hopkins.

French, Robert G.

Gawne, Brian Gannon

Ginda, Mark Stanley

Gluf, Wayne Matthew

Hansen, Jeffrey William

Hardy, James Vincent4/22/02–We didn’t make my reunion last year (Catherine was born that week), but we do plan on attending the ’82 reunion with all three kids in tow – Michael (5), Tommy (3) and Catherine (will be a year old). Jim and I are both still in the Navy – living and working in San Diego. Jim is the N2 for PHIBGRU 3 and I am at AIRPAC. His email address is hardy.james.v@cpg3.navy.mil and our home email address is giacomohardy@hotmail.com. Jim’s work number is 619-556-6120. Looking forward to seeing everyone/catching up in September.

Hayes, Peter Stanley Knight – – 3/7/07–Retired in 2004 and currently a pilot for Southwest Airlines..

Hippler, Jeffrey Michael

Hughes, Tyrone John

Hughes, William N.Requiescat in Pace

Jaszcyszyn, Peter Joseph 3/28/2007— I left the Marine Corps in September 1989 and got on with Delta Air Lines in Oct. 1989.  I’ve been with them ever since.  Currently a Captain on the MD-88 out of Atlanta.  I’ve been married to Jacqueline M. Rutner Jaszczyszyn since November 1987 (20 yrs this year) and have a daughter, Heidi, who just turned 18 in January.

McArthur, Doman O. — email address updated 3/1/2007

Mueller, John Hans, III

Rapp, Stephen Horton – – Ken Carodine e-mail 04/17/00: Steve is traveling the world for Cap Gemini as a Principal Consultant.

Rardin, Joseph Patrick

Robledo, Robert OscarRequiescat in Pace

Samolovitch, Richard A.

Samples, David William

Scott, Christopher Taylor

Sharpe, Matthew Michael – – 8/12/05 — Carole, our daughters Lauren and Camille and I have been in VA Beach for six years, by a factor of three the longest we have lived anywhere. Classmates nearby are Kelly Baragar, Mike Smack, and my brother-in-law Rich Alexander.

E-mail 09/11/00: I am married to a wonderful woman, Carole. We will celebrate 15 glorious years of wedded bliss on 19 September. We have two daughters, Lauren (11) and Camille (8) and live in Virginia Beach. I am deployed in USS Donald Cook (DDG 75). We sailed in June with the George Washington Carrier Battle Group and will return to Norfolk in December. Our journey took us to wonderful Mediterranean ports. We visited Cartagena, Villefranche, Naples, Venice and Haifa. Now we patrol the Arabian Gulf, enforcing UN sanctions and keeping the sea lanes open for trade. What a great job! This is too much fun. My greetings go out to classmates near and far. If your travels take you to Hampton Roads, give me a call.

Tamblyn, Charles E. – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: I know our class has a corner on the VS market in Mayport where Chuck Tamblyn and Gary Sandala are along with some other classmates.

Thiede, Theodore Donald

Thomas, Timothy Scott–9/27/07- I have been married (for 17+ years) to Steph, who I met in Japan while I was there with the Marines.  She was there with a short-term missions team from her church in New Zealand.  We corresponded for 4 years, the last two while she was in the Philippines serving as a missionary with YWAM while I was in Kenya serving as a missionary with Food for the Hungry.  We finally met in person after all that time in New Zealand, decided to get married, and she came back to Kenya with me.  We’ve been in the States for 15 years now.  We have 2 kids.  Josiah is 10, and Esther is 8.

I have been a consultant for the World Bank for the last 8 years, as an economist and GIS specialist working in research.  Most of my work has been in tropical deforestation (mostly Brazil), but I am transitioning more to poverty studies, especially in Africa.  I am ordained with Elim Fellowship (a Pentecostal group with a Bible college near Rochester, NY), and have had credentials with them for 8 years.  I pastored for 7 years, but right now I am not pastoring, except to other pastors in my role as area rep for Elim Fellowship.  I also serve as the president of the local ministerium and board spiritual director for a state-wide youth ministry.  I devote a fair amount of time to my faith website, http://wowgod.org, where I posted chapters of my devotional commentary book as I was writing it.

Vance, Christopher L.

Vazquez, Jose A.

Whalen, Thomas Brian – – E-mail 11/06/00: Tom lives in Spokane, WA with his wife Cheryl. He has three children: Sean (13), Megan (11), and Beth (11). Tom is a supervisor of service operations for Itronix Corp.