11th Company, U.S. Naval Academy Class of ’82

E-mail rep: Phil Goodman

Ault, William Richard — 8/14/05–I have been a Surface Warfare Officer since commissioning, and am now in command of USS Princeton (CG 59), attached to the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group, home ported in San Diego. Still trying to figure out what I am going to do when I grow up, so if you have any good ideas, please let me know.

Blythe, Robert F.7/30/02–Cindy and I live in Va Beach with our daughter Barbara (17) and son Rodney (14). I just finished up as Air Ops in Big E (CVN-65) and am currently the F-14 Test Coordinator at COMOPTEVFOR. I was fortunate to serve in Big E with 4 other classmates: Kelly Baragar (Mini Boss), Matt Sharpe (Reactor Officer), Bill Dawson (Suppo), and Brian Gawne (CO of VF-41 now VFA-41). Oh by the way, Paul Healy just finished as CO of USS Nebraska (Big Red) and is back at the Puzzle Palace. See you at the reunion.

Bosnic, Don Patrick

Fry , Joanne (Cerasuolo)– – 9/19/05 — Currently residing in St Marys, Georgia. High School math teacher. Married to John Fry, Chief of Resources Management at Cumberland Island National Seashore. 2 children:  Jessica (born 1990) and Melissa (born 1995). Resigned from active duty in 1989. In my 10th year as a math teacher. Lived in Glasgow, Kentucky before relocating to Georgia. I have recently been designated as a Blue and Gold Officer for this part of Southeast Georgia. …..Joanne (Cerasuolo) Fry

Clemons, Thomas M. – – 8/12/05 I’m back in government service after trying life as a contractor for about a year and a half following retirement in August 2002.  Stayed in Fairfax where I’m a GS in the pentagon on the Joint Staff, J-3 in the Space and Missile Defense Branch.  It’s interesting work that allows me to be involved in current issues.  I continue to get as much golf in as possible, and lately I’ve become a soccer fan, playing at lunch and refereeing on the weekend.  Martha continues to work as a preschool teacher at our church down the street (the best commute in DC).  Our oldest daughter Ellen is getting ready to go to Elon University.  Here sister Sarah is a cheer leader for her High School.  I have season tickets for Navy this year, so I look forward to seeing fellow 82er’s at the games.

Conners, Charles Bradford – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Brad is in command of an F-18 squadron in Lemoore.

DeLuca, Robert Mario

Donofrio, Paul M.

Dunbar, Deborah Meade

Fierro, Michael Redfield – – E-mail 09/09/00: I”m out here in San Diego in the USS KINKAID (DD 965), part of the CONSTELLATION BATTLE GROUP, and was operating in the SOCAL Op Area with two other classmates, Bill Ault in USS HIGGINS (DDG 76) and Lang Reese in USS PAUL F FOSTER (DD 964). That prompted me to write my first input to SHIPMATE. In May, I married Cindy Thebaud, a class of 85 grad, out here in Coronado. She is on active duty and is at SURFPAC staff. A lovely wife, great warship and seven paygrades higher than I have any right to be: life is grand!

Goodman, Philip Jay – – (Company e-mail representative)

Healy, Paul Frederick – – Dave Ruff e-mail 9/11/99: En route submarine PCO pipeline.

Keating, Michael William

Langford, Richard James

Manganaro, John Thomas–6/26/02–Left the Navy after 10 years of P-3’s and instructing in T-34’s. Spent the last 10 years flying for American Airlines and living the quiet life in the middle of Illinois with Linda (married in ‘ 85), Jessica (12) , and Frank (9). Linda is mostly a full-time Mom and partly a Staff Physician at Illinois State University.

McGurk, Catherine D.

Miles, Robert Joseph–8/11/07–I am CEO of a company that makes high performance energy transfer devices such as battery chargers, etc. The company can be found at www.10ctech.com. I am married with two children – one girl (2) and one boy (4). My email is rob.miles@10ctech.com or rmiles43@tx.rr.com

Newman, James W. C.

Price, David Matthew

Rantz, Norman Neal–6/26/02–I’m a Project Manager with a data services company in Boca Raton, FL. Still in Naval Reserves as CO of the VTU unit in West Palm Beach. Married to Margaret for 16 years and have two very active boys: Peter (8) and Stephen (6).

Ratkovich, John-4/29/07–Things are going well for me and mine on the Left Coast. My wife and I are just a scant 5 months behind our reunion anniversary, having been married since 10/31/82. Our oldest is a junior at UCLA  (Poli Sci major) while our second oldest is a sophomore (Communications major) there. They both love the LA pace of life and learning. Our youngest is a HS sophomore on the verge of his driver’s license. I am hoping that he will stay below the 2 cars wrecked average that his older siblings have established. I am still active in the Reserves as an O-5 working for the NSWC in Port Hueneme, CA. The base in Port Hueneme is commanded by our company-mate Brad Conners. The other 28 days a month I am employed by LAM Research in Fremont, CA. LAM is a leading semiconductor equipment maker and I manage our ceramic spray coating suppliers. I have enjoyed the Silicon Valley high tech business world since I left active duty in ’92. I run into our one and only UBW (aka Bill Ault) on occasion and in fact recently enjoyed a round of golf with he and my sons just last week at NAS North Island (the 19th hole of which was designed and built by our retired CEC company-mate Scott Smith). Bill Ault is currently the CO of TACTRAGRUPAC in San Diego, having just finished his tour as the CO of USS Princeton last October.

Rice, Ronald Glen–6/23/02–I’m the Intel Officer on the TR (CVN-71) at Norfolk. Just got back from deployment and will be here through the next deployment in 2003.

Russell, Mark Wayne

Smith, Charles Scott – – Mike Fierro e-mail 09/09/00: Scott Smith is a CEC officer these days and is currently shutting down the Presidio in SF, I think his last act has to be to turn off the lights in his house there as he leaves for the last time”.

Thorne, Kevin Balish

Toner, Charles B. – – 7/19/02–Did tenure as nuke, then crossed into medical corps (1990). Now serving as the Dermatologist on Guam. Married to Cecile Poupard-Toner (m. 5/98), who works parttime as a dentist; blessed with 2 children, Camille (b. 2/00) and Alex (b. 8/01)

Volkoff, John

Wetherell, Michael Perry

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