Reunion Update #9 (August 29, 2017)

Posted: 8/29/2017

28 August 2017 – Reunion Update #9

Ten days and counting until the 35th!  Here’s an update on reunion events:

  1. Online registration has been extended until midnight 01 September!  Due to the number of technical issues encountered by people trying to register over this past weekend we have decided to extend the online registration deadline until midnight this Friday.  We will keep the original registration pricing during this period.

If you were one of those encountering issues, please continue to resolve those issues through the Alumni Association’s online community process.  If you are able to get to the registration web page but cannot move past the first tab with your personal information there may be a problem with your username and password i.e., you created another account at some point in the past.  You won’t be able to complete the registration process until that issue gets resolved.  Here’s some guidance from the AA:

“Please contact the online community folks at to ask for the correct username and password.  (It will not work if you try to set up a second account as opposed to doing a username and password retrieval for the original/correct account).  Once done, you will be able to sign in and register according to the attached instructions.

Please be patient, as they do things manually and are very busy.  Please note that they are the only people with access to passwords.”

Unfortunately, because of agreements we have with our vendors anyone registering during the extension period will not receive a pre-printed nametag and may not receive a gift bag – supplies are limited and bags will be given out based on the order of registration.

We recommend that you attempt to resolve your account issues immediately and not wait until Friday.  Please note – after 01 September there will be no online registration.  If you want to attend after 01 September, please send an email to Rich Clyborne (  Payment or registration and other events will be required at reunion check-in on 07/08/09 September.   The registration fee will go up to $100.  In addition, if you want to attend the tailgater the late fee will be $125 per person 12 yrs. old and up; the fee for children under 12 will remain at $40.   

NOTE: If you decide to just show up on Saturday for the tailgater and you did not register or pay prior to 08 September you will be charged $225 for the first tailgate admission and $145 for any additional admissions (12 yrs. old and up); children under 12 will remain at $40 per admission.  Additionally you will have to have a football game ticket to enter the tailgater.

2. Class of 1982 Reunion Photo Quiz – Brian Caldwell (USNA ’82 + 7) and his team are putting together a set of photos for every company.  The pictures are a before (your firstie Lucky Bag) photo and an after photo (your current mug shot) but in order to do this Brian needs everyone to send their current picture to him per the instructions below:

We need your current photo!!!  We have purchased a great tool for refreshing our memories and to better help us recognize our classmates.  The program is specifically designed for reunions, but we want to include all classmates.  Please take a look at

User Name: USNA82
Password: BeatArmy!
and send your current photo to

Basically we are looking for a head and shoulders or torso to head photo.  Please include your full name (then and now—if different) and your academy company. 

Please encourage any/all classmate(s) you are in contact with to submit his/her photo.  The more photos, the better this program works.  Nothing worse than talking to someone for 5 minutes while attempting to inconspicuously look at his/her nametag because you can’t remember his/her name.

3. Wristbands for Friday Reception and Tailgater – everyone who registered and paid for the Friday reception and/or the tailgater will receive wristbands when they check-in for the reunion at Ogle Hall on Thursday and Friday.  If you aren’t going to make it in to town until Saturday, you can pick up your wristband for the tailgater at the tailgate check-in tables in the stadium – you will still need a ticket for the football game to access the tailgater.  The Friday reception and Saturday tailgater are the only events that will require a wristband.

4. Printed Name Tags – Unfortunately due to a miscommunication with our vendor, only those who have registered for the reunion prior to 11 August will receive a printed nametag (classmates – name & Lucky Bag photo; guests – name & class crest).

5. Lodging – please see previous updates for hotel information

6. Registration Fee(s) – Several people have managed to complete the registration process without paying the registration fee.  Whether it was a system glitch or an oversight, every classmate that attends the reunion must pay the registration fee.  If your confirmation email does not show a registration fee of $82, you can go back to the registration web page, select and pay the fee and add that item to the list of other events that you are attending.  If you don’t accomplish that before 01 September, we will collect that fee at check-in.

a. I have also received inquiries about the number of registration fees that are required.  In previous updates, I indicated that only one registration fee is required per classmate attending.  If you are bringing family members, friends, etc.  Only one registration fee is required (despite what the drop down list shows).  If you paid for more than one registration fee by mistake please send me an email and we will get the fee refunded to you.

b. If your spouse is a classmate, and is planning to attend the reunion, they must pay the registration fee.  Select “2” from the drop down list when registering.  All classmates who register prior to 28 August will receive a gift bag and a printed nametag for themselves and their guests.

7. Memorial Service – John Vena put out a plea for pictures of our classmates who have passed away and received a great number of those pictures in response.  Thank you for responding and to help honor our fallen classmates.

8. Post-Parade Reception – Just a reminder that the Post-Parade reception on Friday afternoon/evening is not a dinner and has a cash bar.  Reception runs after the P-rade until 8:00 PM.

NEW: Midshipmen in uniform who wish to attend the reception will pay the regular $30 fee at the door.  Midshipmen should have a connection to the class – son/daughter/niece/nephew/sponsor mid.  Alcohol will not be served to midshipmen.

9. Football Game Ticket – We are using the Class of ’53 Pavilion on the North side of the stadium directly behind the lawn seats for the tailgater.  There is no direct access from outside the stadium to the Class of ’53 Pavilion.

a. Everyone attending the tailgater must have a ticket to the football game in order to gain access to the tailgater venue.  If you do not have a ticket already, NAAA has blocked out tickets for us (420 reserved seats in Section D and 200 SRO/Lawn tickets; costs are $40 and $25 respectively)

b. When purchasing tickets through NAAA’s website – t/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/EVExecMac ro?linkID=navy&evm=prmo&RSRC=& RDAT=&caller=PR – (you may need to cut and paste the URL into your browser) classmates should use the promo code: 1982 in order to reserve tickets with the class.  Enter the promo code AT THE BEGINNING of the purchase process.

10. Midshipman Attendance at Tailgater – A question about midshipman attendance at the tailgater was put forward and has prompted us to adopt the following guidelines:

a. Midshipmen in uniform will be charged $25 to attend our tailgater and should have some direct connection to the class, i.e., son, daughter, nephew, niece, sponsor mid, etc.  Note: If you are planning to invite your mid to the tailgater please send me an email so that we can add their names to the attendance list.

b. Midshipmen will not be admitted to the tailgater until after the game has started so as not to interfere or appear to interfere with any USNA directive regarding attendance at the march over/on.

c. Midshipmen are in a duty status until after Navy Blue & Gold.  Therefore, the catering staff will be instructed to not serve alcohol to midshipmen until after that time and only to those midshipmen with valid ID’s (21 and over).

11. Saturday Morning Events – updates for two events have been posted on Facebook and on the class website:

a. Day of Service to honor 9/11 will be held on Saturday morning, 9/9/17 – This will be a Volunteer opportunity in Annapolis with other ’82 classmates to service alongside approximately 80 Midshipmen from the Midshipman Action Group (MAG) as they work with the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center and the local parks and trails community partners on this project, part of the larger 9/11 Day to Serve. Link to last year’s project: 911-ceremony-0911-20160911-story.html If you are interested in this volunteer effort, please contact Bill Dawson ’82 at

b. Old Goat Run – Show up for an impromptu ’82 run (4 miles) at Halsey at 0800 on Saturday, 9/9/2017. Issue Blue Rim T-shirts are mandatory. Please contact for Jeremiah McEnerney, for any questions.

12 My contact information:
410-703-3138 (mobile)
410-975-9077 (home)