Reunion Update – Prices go up tonight/Need Current Photo

Posted: 8/27/2017

1. The deadline, 2359, Sunday, 27 August is in less than 10 hours before there will be an increase to the 35th Reunion registration from $82 to $100 and Tailgater cost from $100 to $125. Please PM me if you do not know the email address on your account. At this time, we cannot guarantee a printed nametag or geedunk bag with the famous ’82 ballcap.

2. At this time, the only entrance into the tailgater will be on the north side of the stadium, Gate J. You must show a football ticket to the NAAA scanners and a tailgater wrist band to ’82 security service to enter.

3. Reunion Photo Quiz – Need your current photo!!! We have purchased a tool for refreshing our memories and to better help us recognize our classmates. The program is specifically designed for reunions, but we want to include all classmates. Please look:
User Name: USNA82
Password: BeatArmy!

Send your current photo to Looking for a head and shoulders or torso to head photo. Please include your full name (then and now—if different) and your academy company.
 Please encourage any/all classmate(s) you are in contact with to submit his/her photo. The more photos, the better this program works. Nothing worse than talking to someone for 5 minutes while attempting to inconspicuously look at someone’s nametag because you can’t remember their name.

4. Memorial Service -Please, if you have a picture of Tim Merkel, please send it to John Vena at

Keep those questions coming.