Reunion Update #6 (July 17, 2017)

Posted: 7/22/2017

Update #6 – I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday! We are at T- 52 days and counting until the 35th reunion starts! Reunion plans are continuing to progress. To date we’ve had close to 85 registrations come in and we are working with our vendors to keep them updated on numbers for the golf outing, crab feast, post-parade reception and tailgater. Just a couple of notes regarding reunion weekend to make sure everyone is up to speed with the SOE and registration:

  • I’ve fielded a number of questions regarding the registration fee. Here’s the gouge – only one registration fee is required per classmate. If you are bringing family members/friends, only the classmate among the group is required to pay the registration fee (regardless of how many options there are in the drop-down box). Of course, if you married a classmate, your spouse will have to pay the registration fee as well.

NOTE: If you paid two or more registration fees, please send me an email. I will make sure you get a refund.

  1. Class Store – Dwayne Baptist has been working diligently with Anchor Enterprises to square away our geedunk for the reunion. Here’s a quick update from him with an important link:

Show Your Class Spirit with Class Merchandise from the Class Store!

With the reunion just a short way off, it is time to start thinking about showing your class spirit and letting Crabtown and your hometown know you are a proud member of the Class of 1982! Let people know how proud you are to be a member of 82 (SIR!) with any of the fine apparel items available at

Those of you attending the reunion will receive some cool ’82 items when you arrive, including a ball cap (with the class crest this time), a couple of Navy football jersey bottle coozies, a couple of stadium cups, car decals, a nametag and USNA 82 lanyard, all in an eco-friendly ’82 insulated grocery bag. (If you register late, we cannot guarantee you will get the goodies – so please don’t register late!)

Whether or not you are attending, you are welcome to shop the Class Store and get polos, oxfords, and fleeces with the class crest. There is even an apron for you master chefs out there (Yes, I’m talking to you Paul Morrissette of the Banana Split Pie and Tom Ray of Quick Hot Brown fame!). There are also mugs, wine glasses, and other goodies.

And while you are at it, please consider joining us the weekend of 7-9 September 2017 for all of the Class Reunion activities in Annapolis, including the highlight, our class “tailgater” at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium as we watch the Mids beat Tulane (“We don’t play Notre Dame / We don’t play Tulane! We just play Holy Cross, for that’s the fearless Army way!”) There will be lots of food and fellowship. Reconnect with your roommate or that crazy Mid you remember from Steam. Your classmates are very interested in celebrating the life you have lived since graduation, so come share with us!

  1. Three deadlines are looming:
    1. First, if you want items with the class crest embroidered/embossed on them prior to the reunion, you will need to visit the class store (link above) and place your order before 23 July.   You can continue to order items with the class crest up until (and probably during and a little after) the reunion.
    2. Second, we are placing Lucky Bag photos of each classmate who registers on their individual nametags. If you want that official picture-printed nametag, you need to register for the reunion prior to 11 August.If you register after 11 August, you will get a nametag with only your name printed on it. No one who registers after 27 August (deadline for online registration) will receive a printed nametag; we will have paper nametags available at the registration check-in tables to accommodate you. Of course, if you still have the 30th reunion nametags, those will work just fine!
    3. Third – Lodging – there are still plenty of rooms available at the hotels we have contracted with for reunion weekend.       Please refer to previous reunion emails to get the contact information and reservation links.       NOTE: In order to avoid financial penalties resulting from the reservation agreement we signed with these hotels we may have to release rooms back to the hotels in the next few weeks. If you are in need of a place to stay for the reunion, please consider the hotels (Westin/Doubletree/Crowne Plaza) where we have negotiated discounted rates. In any case, we will lose the discounted rate on the Crowne Plaza after 27 July and the other hotels will release rooms after 07/08 August.
  2. Memorial Service – I wanted to let everyone know that John Vena has stepped forward to coordinate the Memorial Service scheduled for 10:00 AM on Friday, 08 September.       In addition, Debbie Moberger Cipoletti has agreed to serve as the officiant for the service. Thanks John and Debbie! If you would like to participate in the service by doing a reading or helping to set-up the morning of, please shoot me an email and I will get it to John.

NOTE: Widows/widowers and families of fallen classmates please contact me (see below) for special registration information if you are interested in attending any of the events during the reunion. John will be sending out a letter formally inviting you to the Memorial Service in the next few weeks. If you want to verify that your loved one is included in the service, please check the “In Memoriam” tab on the class website – sometimes our information is slow in updating. If for some reason there is a discrepancy, please contact me directly.

  1. Information regarding the reunion is constantly being updated and pushed out via email and social media. Please check the AA class website (, Facebook and your email for the latest and greatest! We even have a Twitter handle (@Luckybag1982) and will be using it to update reunion information all the way through the reunion weekend. There’s already a tweet out there about the class reunion store! You have to follow that handle if you want the updates!
  2. My contact information:

Rich Clyborne

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